First look at the episodes of the next week in 10 pictures

EastEnders spoilers in pictures for next week see Kheerat battle the Mitchells as Ruby’s baby lies begin to dissolve.

Elsewhere, Isaac is hiding a secret, but what is it?

All of this and more in EastEnders spoilers next week.

1. Kheerat takes on the Mitchells

In the call center, Big Mo catches Kheerat trying to get a seedy new customer named Stas.

It appears that Kheerat is keeping an eye on the Mitchell’s business and is poaching their employees.

Kat discovers what is happening to Mo and writes Phil to get his heads up.

After Phil used his inside information on Kat, he soon got Stas on the site.

Kheerat is furious later when Stas rejects him and Phil and Ben are happy.

Stas is soon Kat’s slightest problem when Jean reveals everything about Phil and Sharon’s ‘date’.

However, it appears that Jean has the wrong end of the stick.

When Sharon confesses her feelings for Phil, he has to admit that they are over.

But later, Phil does something to upset Kat and leave her devastated. What did he do this time?

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2. Ruby’s baby lies in a spiral

Ruby panics when Martin asks when her 12-week scan is.

She snaps at him and realizes that her secret may be revealed at any moment.

Knowing that the data doesn’t add up, Ruby books a private scan and goes along alone.

Ruby discovers she is 7 weeks pregnant and the reality that she is going to be a mother sets in.

Unaware of Ruby’s lies, Martin books a vacation so they can relax.

Martin is shocked when Ruby suggests taking the children with him

Is she trying to distract him from her baby lies?

However, things change when Ruby goes to the bathroom and finds that she is bleeding.

Did she lose the baby?

Stacey visits Ruby and the old friends start to remember.

Things are friendly until Ruby’s plan with Kush is mentioned again.

An argument begins and Ruby accidentally falls backwards down the stairs.

Will she be fine?

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3. Romance for Lola and Isaac?

Kim dates Isaac and Lola and they both have a great evening.

But things turn sour when Isaac mistakenly believes Kim paid Lola to go out with him.

Isaac tracks down Lola and apologizes and they agree to start over, but Sheree is not happy.

Lola is shocked when Sheree cornered her and demands that she leave Isaac alone.

Lola refuses to listen, leaving Sheree with no choice but to issue an ultimatum.

When Isaac complains to Patrick that Lola won’t return his calls, Patrick realizes that it is Sheree’s fault.

In the drawing room, Isaac confronts his mother and shows that he is ready to tell people the truth.

But Sheree firmly believes that anyone who finds out would walk a mile.

What secret has Isaac been hiding all along?

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