Five burning questions before the second episode

The queue on BBC One turned out to be a stylish and fascinating way to start the New Year.

It told the story of the Franco-Vietnamese serial killer Charles Sobhraj who wreaked havoc in Southeast Asia in the 1970s.

In this episode we saw the charming and polite Sobhraj start his murder rush, and here are five burning questions we have before the second episode.

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

Ajay is a recruiter for Sobhraj (Credit: BBC)

1. Who is Ajay in The Serpent on BBC One?

When they invited Wim and Lena to their block in Bangkok, a young Indian named Ajay greeted them at the airport.

And when the young American backpacker Teresa came on stage, Ajay was all over her.

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At the end of the episode, when Teresa of Sobhraj drowned, he was with him too.

Now he’s an accomplice in the murder, who is Smiley Ajay and what role will he play in future episodes?

2. What will happen to Celia?

Celia and Teresa became friends on the way back before Teresa made the ill-advised decision to go to Sobrhaj’s party.

At the end of the episode, we saw Celia travel to Nepal to meet Teresa.

But what will happen to her and when will she have a branch what happened to her friend?

The line on BBC One
Why Marie-Andrée, why? (Image credit: BBC)

3. Why is Jenna Coleman’s character doing what she does?

Sobrhaj’s buddy Marie-Andrée Leclerc (played by Jenna Coleman) is the friendly face of the criminal couple.

And yet she turns a blind eye to what her “husband” is doing. Why?

A clue came during the episode when Sobhraj and Marie-Andrée were having a business meeting with two potential investors.

It seems like she is in love with the jet setting lifestyle and the idea that one day they could become respectable business people.

We have news for you, Marie-Andrée – it won’t happen anytime soon!

4. What will happen to Wim and Lena?

Poor Wim and Lena. The Dutch backpackers were really drawn into Sobrhaj’s web of charm.

It wasn’t long before they accepted the offer to stay at his party palace in Thailand, unaware that it was a trap.

When you weren’t sure whether to sell the jewelry in Holland, you knew you were in danger.

We last saw her in bed after Sobhraj poisoned Lena.

The writing stands for the young Dutch couple on the wall … that’s exactly what Sobrhaj has in store for them?

The line on BBC One
Sobhraj is slippery (Credit: BBC)

5. How can Sobhraj so easily evade capture?

At the beginning of the episode, an elderly Sobhraj told a television interviewer that there was nowhere in the world that he could be arrested.

And during the first episode, we had an idea how he could avoid capture.

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He stole backpackers ‘and tourists’ passports, burned their photos, and restored them for him and Marie.

But how long does it take until Herman is on the trail and everything catches up with him?

The second episode of The Serpent is on BBC One on Sunday (January 3rd) at 9 p.m.

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