Five crucial questions before the final

The Channel 5 Drowning series raised a few key questions ahead of its finale.

The Jill Halfpenny identity drama continued on Wednesday night (February 3) and had viewers on the edges of their seats.

Channel 5’s drowning ends tonight (Image Credit: ViacomCBS / Photographer – Bernard Walsh / Channel 5)

What happened in episode three of the Channel 5 series The Drowning?

In the third episode, Jodie (Jill Halfpenny) sent a DNA sample to prove that Daniel (Cody Molko) is indeed her son Tom, who went missing years ago.

She took steps to get him out of the country, including securing a forged passport, but the police intercepted her.

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Jodie’s mother, Lynn (Deborah Findlay), mysteriously told her brother Jason (Jonas Armstrong) that he needed to help Jodie because he owed her something.

Later in the episode, when Jodie was behind bars, police announced they had done a DNA test – and found Daniel to be her son!

The episode raised a number of key questions ahead of today’s Channel 5 drama finale.

Jodie and Daniel in episode three (Image Credit: Unstoppable / Bernard Walsh / Channel 5)

Key questions before the final episode

Who was Mark talking to?

Daniel’s father, Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones) spoke to someone on the phone towards the end of the episode.

It was clearly someone who needed to know about the situation with Jodie and Daniel / Tom.

But who was it? As far as viewers know, Mark has no connection with Jodie’s family or the other characters.

Why Does Jason Owe Jodie?

When Jodie’s family heard what was happening to her and Daniel, they seemed concerned.

You owe her something.

And Mother Lynn urged Jodie’s attorney brother to help her, telling him, “You owe her something.”

Why Does Jason Owe Jodie? What happened between them

Jason ‘owes’ Jodie something that happened between them (Credit: Unstoppable / Bernard Walsh / Channel 5)

Questions about DNA and Daniel’s real identity

Did Jason manipulate the DNA?

Jason called the police station and told someone he urgently needed a favor before the show revealed the DNA link between Jodie and Daniel.

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Did Jason pull some strings with a buddy in the DNA lab? Had he manipulated the results in Jodie’s favor? Why should he do that?

Mark called someone about the situation, but who was it? (Photo credit: Unstoppable / Bernard Walsh / Channel 5)

Why does Jodie call Tom “Daniel”?

The teaser for the last episode showed Jodie running through a wooded area screaming: “Daniel!”

So far she has used the name Tom because she thinks he is her son. Why should she call him Daniel?

Does she discover in episode four that he’s not her missing son after all?

Who packed Tom at the lake?

Right at the beginning of the third episode, a flashback showed someone grabbing Tom at the lake the day he disappeared. It seemed to confirm that he had never drowned.

But who was his kidnapper? Was it mark?

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