Five great movies for your Father’s Day plans

By Jyothi Venkatesh

As friend, guide and philosopher all rolled into one, fathers are the unsung heroes of our lives. With Father’s Day approaching soon, why not celebrate this special occasion with a mug of delicious popcorn, a playlist of fabulous movies, and our wonderful fathers as a company? PVR Pictures presents five of the best films for a memorable Father’s Day on June 20th:

Jobs (2013)

Genius, billionaire, visionary, the man behind the iPhone had it all! But beneath the shiny exterior was not so perfect a life. Ashton Kutcher plays the title role of Steve Jobs, a college dropout destined to be great but riddled with eccentricities. Hailed as a genius puzzle in public, he was also a flawed person who shared desperate connections with his daughter Lisa at birth.

The film traces Jobs’ path from a gifted student to his spiritual transformation during his visit to India to his reconciliation with Lisa, with whom he forges a long and cherished bond and names one of his most famous computers after her. We all had arguments and misunderstandings with our fathers, but in the end, love always wins, this gives you jobs and the reason why it is a must see! Jobs is available on Google Play Movies and iTunes.

Made in Italy (2020)

If you have a feel-good story with a healthy smile in mind for “Pops”, Made in Italy is the film you are looking for! Liam Neeson headlines the cast as Robert, a free-spirited artist who bottles the pain of a dead woman. When his estranged son wants to sell their Italian villa, the duo embarks on a trip to Europe full of fun, exuberance and forgiveness that ultimately heals their broken bond.

No father is without remorse and no child is without fault. Made in Italy encourages us to let go of the past and cherish every moment with the people we call our own. Made in Italy is available in the BookMyShow stream.

Pele: Birth of a Legend (2016)

Do you have a football-mad father at home? Why not dress in your favorite jerseys and get ready to see a movie about one of the greatest athletes of all time? Pele: Birth of a Legend follows Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pele, and his historic catapult to football star thanks to his immense talent and relentless hard work.

From barely surviving in the “favelas” of Sao Paulo to advancing to the highest ranks in global sport – here is a personality who has been there, done it and seen it all! There’s nothing like an inspirational sports movie to keep everyone’s spirits up, and since your “goal” is to have a good time with dad, this biopic could be the start of a great evening! Check out Pele: Birth of a Legend on Google Play Movies and iTunes

Nebraska (2013)

A bittersweet ode to fathers, this director by Alexander Payne is not afraid to show us the unpleasant freckles in the parent-child relationship. The story of a senile alcoholic rushing to Nebraska hoping to win a “million dollar” award and an estranged son who involuntarily accompanies him shows how the most tense bonds can be healed. A road trip film made with raw honesty. If your dad is someone who likes cinema that is different and unique, you’ve found your choice for Father’s Day! Nebraska streams on Google Play Movies and iTunes

Den of Thieves (2018)

When chic action thrillers get your “old man” going, this Gerard Butler star is sure to sweeten his day! Den of Thieves exposes the brink of the seated battle between the top LA County Sheriff’s officers and a pack of cunning robbers and plays like a tense game of cat and mouse where you never know which side will prevail. Butler is complemented by a sizzling cast that includes Pablo Schreiber from the American Gods and O’Shea Jackson Jr. Den of Thieves is available on Google Play Movies and iTunes.

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