Fiz rages over Tire’s Alina Pop Tattoo

In the Coronation Street spoilers, Fiz Stape experiences a Tyrone Dobbs shock next week when he gets an Alina Pop tattoo.

Fiz, a second-hand furniture saleswoman, is furious when she learns that her ex has a special tattoo for him and his new girlfriend.

Alina and Tyrone get matching tattoos (Image: ITV)

The couple split earlier this year after Tyrone realized they were at a dead end.

But after giving Alina a kiss, he realized that he wanted more and broke off the matter.

After the breakup, he started dating Alina and the two quickly moved in together.

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However, it broke Fiz’s heart and the couple’s daughters struggle.

She forbade him to see the children and he swore he would take his daughter away from her.

Next week the couple will call in a mediator to try to resolve their problems.

Fiz tells her, “It takes getting used to when your partner brings home a woman 15 years younger, leaves their kids, throws their relationship in the trash, and starts acting like a stupid teenager.”

But Fiz was thrown off course when she noticed Tyrone’s leg itchy.

She demanded that he show her and was horrified at what she saw.

Coronation Street spoilers
Fiz can’t believe Tyrone and Alina have matching tattoos (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street’s Tyrone Dobbs gets an Alina Pop tattoo

When Fiz sees the tattoo, he flies into a swear word in a spoiler clip.

“These are our initials and the flags of our countries,” explains Tyrone. “We designed it together.”

Fiz rages: “You don’t mean that? You tell me she has one of these herself.

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“Look at him. He used to be such a nice guy. A reliable family man – someone you can trust.

“Now he’s having some kind of delusional breakdown. He runs around with a young girl, buys a totally embarrassing couple portrait and is squeezed under his own motorcycle that he can’t even read.

“Now he has matching tattoos on her.”

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