Frankie Bridge Unveils Terrible Withdrawal Symptoms From Antidepressants

Frankie Bridge found out about the terrible withdrawal symptoms she suffers after forgetting to order her antidepressants.

The 32-year-old Saturday singer and mother of two went to Instagram Stories to tell fans what she went through.

In a series of videos, she said she wanted to stay in bed all at once, crying, screaming, and screaming, and praised husband Wayne for support during the withdrawal period.

Frankie spoke about her “bad place” (Credit: Instagram)

What did Frankie Bridge say to fans in her video messages?

The series of video messages began when Frankie said, “Hiii. I haven’t really been featured on Stories lately. I didn’t really say much because I was in a bad place.

“I haven’t been busy that long because of Corona, and I think it really hit me – the fatigue and guilt of being away from the boys during the Easter break, the last day of their old school, the house, is torn apart .. .

“Only for me everything was suddenly a bit much.

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“And then I did my usual and just before the holiday I realized I was running out of my antidepressants and obviously couldn’t get any until the holiday was over.

“And I still don’t have it.

“Now I’m getting really bad withdrawal symptoms.”

Frankie Bridge described symptoms of withdrawal from her antidepressants
Frankie said she was unwell (Image credit: Instagram)

She described her symptoms

Frankie, who has been honest about her battle with mental health problems in the past, went on to describe her symptoms.

“The only way I can describe it is that the first thing you know when you’ve had a drink and your eyes feel a little weird and your head feels a little numb and you feel a little like a little.” a dream?

I feel really uncomfortable and a bit like I can’t really focus on anything.

“I feel really uncomfortable and a bit like I can’t really focus on anything.

She continued, “I get a really bad headache, I feel tired, I feel sick. So I just don’t really feel “

Frankie Bridge and husband Wayne
Frankie Said Wayne Deserved a Medal (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

She urged fans to keep taking their medication

Frankie went on to say that not only did she not take any medication, but she also stopped the pill and is going through her period.

She also paid tribute to husband Wayne, saying he deserves “a medal” for what he has been through over the past week.

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The star ended her messages by stating that she has set monthly reminders on her phone so she doesn’t forget to order her medication on time in the future.

She also urged others to do the same.

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