Friendship Day: Celebrities decipher friendship

As the world celebrates Friendship Day on August 1st, celebrities share their thoughts on friendship and their best friends.

Zohaeb Farooqui: Friends are my extended family

I am the only child of my parents. I grew up in a hostel and share a unique and emotional bond with my school friends. I call them my extended family. There are four friends that I’m closely related to – Ajinkya, Jay, Ankur & Krunal. It is you who stood by me, laughed with me, cried with me and partied with me. You are my pillar of strength. I owe them my life and I love them. A trip without her would have been boring.

Sneha Namanandi: It’s a very unique bond

Friendship is a very special bond for me. I had all kinds of friends who supported me, were there for me, left me. But for me friendship means being there for your friend whenever he needs you. I am someone who cares very much, goes the extra mile or goes out of my way to help a friend. I have a few special friends who are close to me. I don’t have a single name. When I was growing up, dogs were around me and they were my favorite companions. Polo, Tigger, Miguel and Maui are my dog ​​friends.

Mahreen Khan: An important relationship in my life

Friendship is a very important relationship in my life. I am blessed with great people around me. It was a nice trip with them. Friends teach you a lot. Major Bikramjeet was one of my closest friends ever. He was like my mentor and friend. Friendship is a very beautiful thing, they make you who you are.

Harjinder Singh: Friends keep you motivated

A friend is someone who has your back no matter what. He will take care of you and make sure that you are not in danger alone. He will never intentionally make you make decisions that are not good for you. I share this bond with my best buddy Prateek. We don’t need words to communicate, just a look works. When it comes to Prateek, his belief in me has always kept me focused. He always motivated me to never let my dream go away like that.

Sharad Malhotra: It’s never quite as scary when you have a best friend

Karan Sethi & Prateek Chakraborty have been my friends for 10 years. It started with my film From Sydney With Love and we ended up being more than just a family. We’ve also had our share of ups and downs, struggles, arguments, mood swings, hibernation and misunderstandings, but at the end of the day we are more than brothers backed by each other. It’s bromance all the time. Things are never quite so scary when you have a best friend and those two are my best friends. Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you.

Nivedita Basu: Those who make you happier in your lowest days are true friends

I wonder why we celebrate these special days. If it is only celebrated on one day then it has to be remembered and that is ironic. I think my friendship has more to do with my parents, my husband, and my in-laws. They are like the only lasting objects in your life. I don’t have a single boyfriend, but apart from that, I have few close friends who have been with me for more than 20 years. My child is my best friend right now because I spend most of the time with her. People who are there for you in your bad days are most important to me because in happiness even a wrong crowd turns up. So, people who help you feel happier on your lowest days are true friends.

Chandni Soni: Friends teach you how to struggle with life

Neeraj Soni, my husband, he is my best friend. I’m not saying it because he’s my husband. He’s the only person in my life with whom I can share everything. Sometimes he just sees my face or my mood and understands my feelings. He’s the only person who taught me so many things, like how to struggle with life, and he’s the only person who treats me very well.

Chitra Vakil Sharma: Friends stay with you in every phase of life

For me, friendship has different meanings for different people, for me it is a fantastic feeling. I am a person for people and have many, many friends all over the world with whom I have regular contact. I know what my childhood friend is up to or what my former colleague is planning. That being said, we all have that one special friend in life who is always with you and that is my childhood friend Dr. Abhijit Bopardikar. He has accompanied me in every phase of my life. Friendship is undeniably one of the strongest and unbreakable bonds that unites two individuals.

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