From playing “Jal Tarang” to “spinning balloons”, The Great Khali surprises its fans with a new video on his birthday

from Jyothi Venkatesh

Imagine the iconic wrestling champion of India, ‘Wrestling’ with a spoon and a few bowls of water! An unusual sight indeed. There is definitely something going on The great khali and his fans wonder what came over him. In his latest Insta-Reel, Khali can be seen making music with water (almost) with its version of the Jaltarang. Regard here like the towering personality who once dominated the wrestling arena, yes, our very own Great Khali himself, hits the ceramic water bowls gently with the stirrer. It’s a sight you never thought you’d see. And it doesn’t give us much to see; all he says is “Pichle kuch dino se ek naya ehsaas, ekdum nayi feeling arahi hai. Socha Nayi melody try Kar lu. ” This has caused quite a stir in the world of Khali fandom and Followers, everyone is asking “Khali ko kya hua hai? Aakhir Khali kya kha ke aaya hai?

Maybe he’s trying out newer interests, maybe a welcome break from wrestling? Or is he exploring alternative career options – well, we just can’t stop wondering, and neither can his 2.1 million followers on Instagram. A shocked fan asked: “Khali paaji aap aur jaltarang – ye kya ho raha hai?” while another commented “Sir Wrestlemania se Seedhe soor aur sangeet?”. To date, his video has received 345K + views, 45K + likes, and 750+ comments. After all, it has to be something very unique that inspired Khali to move from WWE to DoReMi.

While we are still reeling in amazement, there is another “twist” in the new Khali saga. In another Insta role we see him trying his hands Hold your breath Balloon modeling! Yes, you heard that right, the figurehead of wrestling, who once effortlessly knocked down his opponents in the ring, is fighting with a balloon while trying to twist and curl it. I’m not sure which is more lovable – watching him fidget with the balloon or startle him when it bursts in his hands. Check it out for yourself here.

It looks like his fans are freaking out this video too, with people sending him birthday wishes and leaving comments like: “Love your balloon skills, sir. I can hardly wait for the 31st BOOM “, “Hello sir, love your style. Can’t wait 31NSand more. In less than an hour the 45,000+ views, 8K + likes and 200+ comments.

So, we’re intrigued enough now. Aakhir Great Khali kya kha ke aaye hai ?! Check out this section to find out.

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