From Radhika Apte to Rasika Dugal, here are 4 web performances from actresses we look forward to

OTT platforms have not only spoiled audiences with newer and experimental content, but also breathed new life into actors, especially female actors. Women on the internet are complex, nuanced, and real, and have successfully defied every formula in the rulebook. Over the years audiences became part of multiple worlds, sometimes dark but almost always realistic, and encountered women in charge, sometimes loud and clear and sometimes quiet.

Here’s a list of four such actresses who have made some memorable achievements in the OTT space and whose upcoming web projects we are eagerly awaiting:

Anupriya Goenka

Anupriya Goenka has been a central part of some of the biggest blockbusters and has already proven itself. She cemented her position as a versatile actor last year when she had a release with Asur that became a runway hit and earned her critical acclaim. She played a traumatized housewife and techie who changed the course of the narrative. And with Asur 2 in the pipeline, it will be interesting to watch how her character develops and resonates with the audience.

Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte is known for her unconventional choices and has grown into a force to be reckoned with. And there are no brownie points for guessing their next web series, titled OK Computer, directed by Anand Gandhi, has a lot of intrigue in it. While not much is known about her character yet, we have learned that she will be featured in an avatar that has never been seen before. As a trailblazer, she is sure to set a precedent by becoming part of the science fiction comedy film set in a parallel world.

Rasika Dugal

Rasika Dugal, who found a way into the hearts of audiences with her nuanced performances, added a new feather to her hat when she headlined Out Of Love, a drama series released in 2019. She investigated the role of a doctor who one day learns of her husband’s infidelity. She completed the second season of the series earlier this year. The audience is of course looking forward to seeing her again as Dr. See Meera Kapoor.

Sayani Gupta

Four more shots please! Released in 2019, the product turned out to be a trendsetter in the Indian content sector. On the web series, Sayani Gupta played a confident, fashionable, unabashed and matter-of-fact journalist. Her performance caught the attention of audiences and critics alike. She continued her successful series with the second season. Expectations for the third season are high and it would be interesting to see how Sayani’s character continues to preoccupy us.

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