From Rohit Saraf to Sanaya Irani, our favorite stars talk about their travel destinations in 2021

2020 put a stop to travel plans for most of us, including many celebrities who were at home dreaming of vacation through vacation pictures. OTT heartbreaker Rohit Saraf, TV diva Sanaya Irani, vouched for her 2020 experience and pledged to take travel more seriously and took to Instagram to share how she will travel differently in 2021, solo travel hid Discovering gems in our own country and traveling locally, traveling more sustainably and helping to support the locals – here are some of the top 2021 travel destinations shared by our favorite stars.

Rohit Saraf, who is unveiling his 2021 destination and known for his recent hits like Ludo (2020) and the popular drama series Mismatched (2020), wants shorter, more spontaneous road trips to unexplored destinations and the trip will surprise him. The Crush of the Year 2020 said: “I love to plan well in advance, do all of my research, and then take long trips to places that I have on my must-visit list. I booked so many of them for 2020 on @bookingcom. However, when the pandemic hit all of my travel plans, there was a pause. For this reason, my @bookingcom 2021 destination is to go on shorter, more spontaneous road trips to unexplored destinations and let the trip surprise me. This is how I see my #FutureOfTravel. “

He kept inviting his followers to share their travel destinations and helping one of his lucky followers make his 2021 destination a reality with the help of, the leading travel platform.

Indian television diva Sanaya Irani from Mile Jab Hum Tum and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon plans to travel alone in 2021, which she has never done before. Sanaya posted a beautiful solo picture of her from her trip to Goa and wrote on Instagram: “After being grounded for almost a year, I’ve thought a lot about my past trips and what my #FutureOfTravel should look like. One thing I definitely want to do this year is what my heart desires and that is to travel alone. The whole idea of ​​listening to my own heart, making my own travel decisions, exploring the local culture, meeting new people, and making friends along the way sounds so exciting! I’ve always traveled with friends and family but this year I want to get out of my comfort zone and explore India on my own. My @bookingcom 2021 destination is to travel alone and create new travel memories along the way. This is my #FutureOfTravel. ”

With these destinations, we’re sure to look forward to setting a goal and starting new travel experiences in 2021!

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