Gabby Thomas’ baby bump leaves the audience amazed

Emmerdale viewers have all said the same thing about Gabby Thomas’ baby bump.

In the aftermath of the ITV soap on Thursday evening (June 3), pregnant Gabby was seen in the Home Farm living room pretending to be having a martini.

Soon Noah came in and she assured him it was only water.

Noah stopped to ask Gabby what she was up to, but Gabby refused to tell him as Noah recently told Jamie about her theft of the HOP business account.

Gabby is pregnant with Jamie’s child (Image: ITV)

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Gabby started to upset Noah, saying he didn’t know about the business.

But Noah told her that Jamie had told him everything. When Gabby pressed Noah for information, he refused to say anything and called him pathetic before leaving.

In the scenes from last night (Friday June 4th) Gabby showed up while she was talking to Jamie.

However, viewers were distracted by the fact that Gabby doesn’t have a baby bump.

Emmerdale: how many months pregnant is Gabby?

Jamie Tate is the father of Gabby’s child. The two had a one-night stand at the end of January 2021.

Gabby discovered she was pregnant in early February, which means she should be around four months pregnant.

Gaby discovered she was pregnant in February (Image: ITV)

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After Gabby found out she was pregnant, she told Jamie about the baby, but he wanted her to have an abortion.

Gabby told Jamie’s mother, Kim, that she was pregnant and offered to move to the home farm.

Jamie has meanwhile agreed to be there for the baby. However, Gabby was upset when she discovered he was dating Dawn Taylor.

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