Gabby Thomas center of Kim Tate’s shock plan

Emmerdale favorite Gabby Thomas will be at the center of a shock plan drawn up by Kim Tate in the coming months.

Super schemer Kim has his sights set on lonely Gabby next week and wows her by showering her with attention.

This year Gabby is set to see more drama than ever before (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know how Gabby has been struggling lately after lying about Liam Cavanagh making inappropriate progress.

She was obsessed with Leyla Harding, however, and wouldn’t stop at anything to be close to her.

But after her obsession was revealed the village turned on her and she apparently lost her job at Leyla.

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Her stepmother Laurel’s boyfriend, Jai, came in to find her a job at HOP, and she ended up working at the restaurant.

Viewers saw her get closer to Jamie Tate after he offered to take care of her.

Next week, Kim suggests training Gabby in other areas of the business – and making Gabby overjoyed.

Gabby Thomas is about to become pregnant with Jamie’s baby (Image credit: ITV)

What can Emmerdale favorite Gabby expect?

But what is Kim planning? Gabby actress Rosie Bentham said of what’s to come, “Gabby has had quite a few problems over the past year.

This year Gabby is set to feature even more drama than ever before.

“But if she hopes 2021 will be a quieter year, she can think again.

“I am delighted that Gabby is in the heart of the village when she has her sights set on Home Farm, and I can tell you that Gabby is going to see more drama this year than ever before.”

Jamie will have a one night stand with Gabby (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Gabby Thomas becomes pregnant with Jamie Tate’s baby

However, it was recently announced that Gabby will soon become pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

Producer Sophie Roper teased, “We have another signing up to send shock waves through the village when Jamie learns he’s going to be a second father after spending a night with… Gabby.

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“Gabby is no stranger to the life of the big house, but when Kim discovers that there will be a new heir to the Tate throne, a battle for power on the Home Farm will quickly ensue.

“But if Gabby is at the center of a family at war, will she succumb to the manipulations on the Home Farm? Or will she be the one who pulls the strings in the end? So we have a big drama on the Home Farm to keep us busy in 2021. “

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