Gail and David’s housing problems baffle the audience

Coronation Street fans think Gail and David Platt’s housing problems are pointless because they can easily afford to buy a new home.

In the ITV soap, the barber was stopped from selling his home to developer Ray Crosby.

Ray Crosby got David over a keg with the house (Credit: ITV)

Evil Ray paid a builder to open a sinkhole in the garden so David would sell sooner.

David said at the time that he had no money to fix it – and neither did any of the other Platts.

After selling the house on Coronation Street at full market value, David has cash in the bank – but he pretends to be poor.

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Likewise, his mother Gail had another £ 40,000 stroke of luck for a short while, but pretended she had nothing.

She was cheated on £ 40,000 by Lewis Archer, forcing her to sell the house to David. But Lewis gave the money back two years ago.

And the fans noticed.

Lewis cheated on Gail Platt out of £ 40k – but then returned it (Credit: ITV)

Gail Platt from Coronation Street hiding £ 40k?

As a result, the Digital Spy Forums wrote: “David was paid the full market value for his house.

“Wasn’t that £ 120,000? Even years ago, when Gail lost 40,000 to that gigolo in a seductive voice, surely she would have had the remaining £ 60,000 to £ 80,000 worth from the sale of the house? Why can’t she buy her own apartment or house? “

Others noted the family got £ 9,000 back when Conman Lewis first returned.

And then another £ 40,000 a year ago when he returned shortly before his death.

One said, “That’s what Lewis did the first time he left. When he got back he paid Gail the £ 40,000. “

Another added: “Also, the ‘gigolo’ repaid her £ 40,000 before he died.”

All in all, fans were confused about why the family can’t just buy a new home given the resources available.

Others blew up the plot because it was unrealistic.

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“It’s ridiculous,” said one of Coronation Street’s favorite Gail.

“Sally will only move if she gets a castle in Cheshire, and David and Gail will only move if they can stay exactly where they are.

“It’s utter nonsense in the whole story. Everyone has received a market value for their property. But they want more and or want the street to stay exactly as it is, even when they walk. “

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