Gail dying while she collapses?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Gail is collapsing, will she be okay?

Recently, Natasha decided that she no longer wanted Sam to see Nick because she feared he would be in danger from Harvey’s drug gang.

Things take a bad turn, however, when David gets Gail to bring Sam and Nick together.

In the next week’s scenes, Nick is sad that Natasha still won’t let him see Sam.

Coronation Street spoilers: David comes up with a plan

Natasha doesn’t want Nick to see Sam (Image: ITV)

However, when David discovers that Gail is taking care of Sam the next day, he forges a plan.

Nick later suffocates when he meets Sam, but Natasha pulls him away and refuses to let his father see.

David puts pressure on Gail so Sam can see Nick if she’s taking care of him, but a stressed out Gail insists that she respect Natasha’s wishes.

There are disputes in the Platt house (Image: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Nick is furious and tells Sarah that he is going to sell his shares in the factory because he wants to spend some more time with Leanne.

When David tricked Gail into a meeting between Sam and Nick, another argument broke out in the Platt house.

Gail collapses

Gail is soon rushing out for some fresh air. Soon Sam comes outside to find his grandma hunched up and clinging to her chest in pain.

Gail collapses (Image: ITV)

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When an ambulance is called, a breathless Gail accuses Nick, Sarah, and David of causing their heart attack with their endless bickering.

Will Gail be okay?

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