Gail receives devastating news of his death

Coronation Street spoilers reveal there has been a shock death in the Platt family.

In the next week’s scenes, Gail receives a call from London. She later confides to her eldest son Nick that she received a call from Ted’s partner Andrew.

Gail receives a call from London to say her father has died (Credit: ITV)

Andrew revealed that Gail’s father, Ted, has died. She tells Nick that she is going to London to help prepare the funeral.

Who is Gail’s dad on Coronation Street?

Gail’s father is a man named Ted Page.

In this week’s episodes, Gail went out to find out about a woman named Fanny.

Gail was determined to find out who Fanny is (Credit: ITV)

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Gail found a picture of her in her family albums. She mentioned to Nick that she had tried to contact Ted for answers but had no luck getting through.

After looking at a genealogy website, she discovered that Fanny was her great-great-grandmother.

She also discovered that the family friend, George Shuttleworth, shares the same great-great-grandparents as Gail, which makes them distantly related.

When was Ted in Corrie?

Ted appeared on Coronation Street from 2008 to 2010.

Audrey was dating Ted in the 1950s. But after she refused his proposal, he left without knowing she was pregnant.

Ted is Gail’s father (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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Audrey reached out to Ted in 2008 and told him about Gail. At first he was angry with her for not telling him about Gail, as he had missed much of her life.

But he soon forgave Audrey and began bonding with his daughter.

While living on the cobblestone streets, he became friends with Ken Barlow.

In January 2010, Ted gave Gail away when she married Joe McIntyre. But soon he moved back to London.

He’s kept in touch with Gail for the past few years.

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