Gary Lineker commends abuse survivors

Football’s darkest secret brought viewers to tears last night after it revealed the extent of abuse of boys in football in the 1970s and 80s.

The BBC documentary was endorsed by its own Gary Lineker, who described it as “disturbing but so incredibly important”.

Additionally, the 60-year-old Match Of The Day presenter praised former teammate and abuse survivor Paul Stewart.

How did Gary pay tribute to those featured in Football’s Darkest Secret?

The three-part documentary features various players who were abused by coaches while playing for youth teams across the country.

One of them was Gary’s old teammate Paul Stewart, with whom he played at Tottenham.

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Gary said in a tweet: “This is so annoying, but so incredibly important. It could have been any of us.

“It must never happen again.

Paul was one of the ex-players to tell his story (Credit: BBC)He followed him up with another tweet after the show ended.

What else did Gary say?

“One of the grimest, most emotional things I’ve ever seen,” he wrote.

“So much admiration for the bravery to speak of these poor victims of an unimaginable hell.

“As for @ PStewy103, I love you buddy. #FootballsDarkestSecret. ”

Former soccer player Andy Woodward, who brought the story to national attention in 2015.
Former soccer player Andy Woodward who brought the story to national attention in 2015 (Photo Credit: BBC)

How did the audience react?

And not only Gary had the floor.

The audience praised the players who had the courage to share their stories.

One viewer said on Twitter: “30 minutes of #FootballsDarkestSecret is very difficult to watch, but it is so important that the stories are heard.

“The players are extremely brave and heroes when it comes to sharing the horrors they experienced.”

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Another wrote: “Beyond the terrible thing that happened to these players. So brave to come forward. “

A third commented: “Strength beyond words, no sacrifices, just heroes.”

Finally, a third said, “This #FootballsDarkestSecret program is disgusting to look at.

“Incredible courage of the victims to speak up and ensure that the guilty are brought to justice. There is no long prison sentence for these monsters. “

Football’s darkest secret continues at 9 p.m. on Tuesday March 23rd

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