Gary Lineker is outraged on Twitter when he pokes fun at the license fee increase

Gary Lineker sparked outrage on Twitter after poking fun at his BBC pay cut. After the news, the TV license fee is rising again.

The 60-year-old Match of the Day presenter cut his salary by 23 percent from £ 1.75 million last year – and now earns £ 1.3 million.

However, Gary’s attempt to make fun of his salary did not go down well with some followers.

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What did Gary Lineker say on Twitter?

Gary visited the social media site yesterday (Feb. 8) and tweeted a BBC news article confirming that the license fee would rise from £ 157.50 to £ 159 in April.

Alongside a grinning emoji, he added, “But, but I’ve just cut my salary.”

However, some followers did not see the funny page and described the tweet as “offensive”.

One wrote: “Multimillionaire mocks people who have financial problems, and a TV license is difficult for them and other things to finance. What more contactless TV personality than this mug? “

A second said, “This is profoundly impervious to the many, many thousands of people in this country who have lost businesses and incomes. Shame on you!”

In addition, a third said: “A very bad joke – actually offensive.”

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A fourth commented, “I know you’re kidding and I don’t mind. But in these desperate times when many people are struggling financially and mentally, your timing is not good, Gary. “

Another replied, “There are people who struggle to make ends meet. You go and say that !! ”

The Match of the Day star was cut last year (Credit:

Gary Lineker fans defend his tweet

In the meantime, others defended the former footballer.

One follower said, “Can’t you see the irony in his tweet? He was told if he took a pay cut the elderly would not have to pay the license fee, shock, he did and it made no difference. “

This is profoundly impervious to the many, many thousands of people in this country who have lost businesses and incomes.

Another pointed out, “I think the point he is making is that the BBC will have to raise the license fee if these presenters make a pay cut. Where is the money going? “

A third commented, “He’s clearly sarcastic. Jesus!”

Gary Lineker
Gary’s tweet was labeled “objectionable” (Image credit: SplashNews)

What did Gary say about his wage cut?

News of Gary’s wage cut came out last September.

His new earnings were part of a new five-year deal with the Beeb.

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At the time, Gary was laughing at the news and tweeted a link to the story saying, “Oh, honey. At this difficult time, thoughts are with the haters. “

ED! has asked Gary’s rep and the BBC for comment on this story.

The BBC said it “will not comment on this”.

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