Gemma Atkinson seeks help from Instagram fans amid fears the dog has dementia

Gemma Atkinson took to Instagram to reveal her fears that her beloved pooch, Ollie, has dementia.

Former Strictly Come Dancing star, Casualty and Hollyoaks, 36, was used to her Instagram stories to voice concerns about her 11-year-old spaniel.

She sought advice from followers after Ollie displayed strange behavior.

Gemma asked fans for help (Photo credit:

What did Gemma Atkinson ask on Instagram?

She asked the fans: “Has anyone here ever had a dog with dementia?

“Ollie recently started to behave a little …

“He’s so energetic and happy, but now he sometimes sits outside for up to an hour in the evenings.

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“He’s just sitting and staring sometimes … it has come up in the last month or so and happens a lot.”

When fans answered her question privately, she said, “Thanks guys… appreciate the answers and be glad it’s not just Ollie.

“I think age brings us all after all (if we’re lucky!).”

How old is Ollie and when was his birthday?

At the end of January, the mother of a Gemma celebrated Ollie’s 11th birthday by posting a warm message on Instagram.

Gemma shared a series of adorable pictures of the pooch, writing, “11 years we’ve all been made to smile! Happy birthday Ollie!

11 years we all had to smile! Happy birthday Ollie!

“Because we turn around excitedly when someone leaves or enters the room, because I limp my old teddy bear and when you sleep in our bed, for the dead legs. We love you.

“You are a wonderful companion for our whole family. Happy Birthday! #mansbestfriend. “

Gemma Atkinson and her dog Ollie
Gemm is a dog lover (Photo Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

What else did Gemma say about dogs?

Confirmed dog lover Gemma also used Instagram to verbally abuse dog thieves after asking for help locating a missing cocker spaniel.

Fortunately, Flora was found unharmed, but she cursed dog thieves.

She said, “Just had some great news that Flora, the golden cocker spaniel who was stolen from her older owner, was found and reunited – that’s great news.”

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She continued, “She is safe and sound where she belongs.

“And to the people who take pets, I hope you are found and I hope you are treated accordingly.”

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