George Shuttleworth is “seedy” and “sinister” fans claim

Coronation Street fans have claimed that there is something sinister and shady about George Shuttleworth.

Recently, Yasmeen realized that she had to put the community center up for sale in order to pay off the debt her late husband and abuser Geoff left her.

In the episodes of last night’s ITV soap (Wednesday March 3), George saw the sale sign and wanted to buy the place as it was a good place for his final funeral home.

George wanted to buy the community center (Credit: ITV)

He later approached Yasmeen and asked about the property. But Yasmeen was already in a panic, afraid she would go to jail for her debts, and rushed to see Speed ​​Daal.

Eileen soon approached George and told him Yasmeen had been going through a difficult time. But George told Eileen to introduce him and Yasmeen properly.

She later took George to Speed ​​Daal to apologize. He indicated that the restaurant might be a good place for guards before speaking to Yasmeen again about the community center.

Yasmeen is in trouble (Credit: ITV)

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He said it was the perfect size for the funeral home and kept mentioning it.

Eileen told George it was clear Yasmeen didn’t want to talk about the community center sale, and he said, “Well, there’s a great sale sign that says something else.”

Soon Eileen and George began to argue. But fans were quick to point out that there was something strange about George.

Coronation Street: Who Is George Shuttleworth?

George is the son of the late Archie Shuttleworth. The undertaker Archie performed repeatedly with Corrie from 2002 to 2010.

During his performance between 2002 and 2003, he fell in love with Audrey Roberts, but she didn’t feel that way.

George is the son of Archie Shuttleworth (Image credit: ITV)

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The two remained friends, but in 2018 she received news that Archie had died.

Audrey met George off-screen after his father died and it was revealed that Archie had left her £ 80,000.

George first appeared in Corrie last year, and it was revealed that he had taken over his father’s undertakers.

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