GMB host announces it has received a death threat

Piers Morgan announced he was the subject of an online death threat on Instagram.

The controversial GMB host, 55, took to Twitter to show the nauseating threat to his 7.7 million Twitter followers.

As always, Piers came out fighting and asked the followers to identify the man.

Piers Morgan announced he received a death threat on Instagram (Credit: ITV)

What did the Instagram threat say to Piers Morgan?

He shared a screenshot of the news from Instagram and said, “One more day, one more death threat …”

Then he revealed the troll’s name and asked his followers, “Does anyone know who he is?

“Let’s see how big and tough he feels when I give him the exposure he deserves.”

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The Instagram user had previously told Piers: “You [sic] a marked man.

“If we call the police, Big Tech, or improve your security, we can’t reach you.

“This is not a threat, Piers, it is a promise. they [sic] to be killed. “

Piers shared the threat online (Credit:

What else did the troll say?

When Piers’ son Spencer shot back, the troll – whose profile has since been deleted – piled on top of him.

“Take care @spencermorgan,” he said.

“If [we] Don’t understand your father, yours [sic] to get it or your mom is. “

Piers’ supporters were quick to comment that while they may not always agree with what Piers said, he does not deserve death threats.

Take care of yourself @spencermorgan. If we don’t get your father, you get it or your mother gets it.

“I don’t like you, but that’s shocking. How can people act like this? Call him and shame him piers! “said one.

Another added: “Ridiculous! You don’t threaten family lives for not agreeing with what they say. It is what sets us apart from animals. We should use our words, not weapons. “

Piers had more clear views on Harry and Meghan (Credit: ITV)

Why was Piers in hot water this week?

Piers was under fire again this week thanks to his response to the announcement from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The couple announced that they are expecting a second child.

However, Piers accused her of “brazen hypocrisy” for posting pictures through the Press Association.

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But some Twitter users said he was a bully.

“They have every right to control which parts of their life they want privately. This type of bullying is inappropriate. It’s just hate. Shame on you, ”wrote one.

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