GMB host clashes with guest over COVID victims

Kate Garraway has argued with a guest on Good Morning Britain over a news segment on today’s show (Feb. 16) about COVID vaccination records.

Of course, the virus is an issue that is very dear to Kate’s heart. Her husband Derek Draper was in the hospital last March.

At today’s GMB, Kate was joined by Ben Shephard when she confronted political commentator Dominique Samuels about her views on the vaccination record.

The idea of ​​the passports would be to prevent people who have rejected the vaccine from entering certain places like pubs.

Kate Garraway was joined by co-host Ben Shephard as she hosted the newscast today (Credit: ITV).

What happened to Kate on GMB today?

Guest Dominique said the COVID vaccination records were a “ridiculous idea” for a number of reasons.

She said, “I can’t even believe we’re having this conversation.”

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Dominique added that younger people are less affected by the virus and should therefore not be allowed to receive the vaccine by being refused entry.

However, Kate was quick to point out, “They say young people are not affected as much, but they can still wear it.

“So they would make a choice that they would rather not be vaccinated and possibly help protect those around them. That would mean that they are not safe to go to the pub.”

What did Kate Garraway say about the vaccination record news?

Kate added that no one was forcing anyone to have the push, but pointed out the “consequences” this could have.

She continued, “That would be her choice, no one is forcing her to make a decision.

“They would choose to make a decision based on their own opinion, which would mean they couldn’t do these things. Why is that unfair compared to risking someone’s life? ” She asked.

Dominique replied, “This is based on your idea of ​​freedom, not to be forced to do anything, but accidentally forced you to take a vaccine.”

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Kate continued, “No, you will only be asked to participate if you want to do this activity. I get the point where you drive, there are people who are scared or don’t want to take the vaccine.

“It has consequences”

“But we all do things that we don’t want. We don’t want to stay at home, we don’t want to be locked up, there are people who don’t want to wear masks, a lot of people who don’t want to do all kinds of things.

Well done Kate, because she said if you don’t, others are taking the risk for you.

“We want to visit our loved ones, we can’t, we want to visit them in the hospital, there are many sacrifices that people make.”

She added, “The argument would be if you choose not to have the vaccine, it is your choice, but it has consequences.”

Dominique replied, “No, there shouldn’t be any consequences because that’s a decision someone made.”

Before Kate and Ben took a break, Dominque argued that instead of vaccines, people should be able to have their temperature taken when entering the venues.

gmb guest
Dominique Samuels was against the idea of ​​COVID passports (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about the comments?

After the segment, Twitter broke out, and many touted Kate as “amazing” for her passionate argument on the news.

“It was an interesting debate,” said one.

“Dominique, however, brings with it a great responsibility with the freedom of choice. Their argument falls behind when the decision not to take the vaccine may affect those in need of protection who may actually not be able to take the vaccine. “

“Get them out … Typical reaction from selfish people,” said another.

A third added: “Your argument is, I’m young, I don’t care, I won’t understand, I want to go to the pub! Selfish attitude.

“Over 100,000 dead and still discharging it – arrogant attitude! Well done Kate for saying if you don’t, others are taking the risk for you, ”they added.

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