GMB star said he should “correct” himself after making a mistake

In the latest Kate Garraway news, the presenter was approached by Good Morning Britain viewers for misinterpreting a social media poll.

On Friday’s show, the 53-year-old misunderstood a poll of pubs and businesses asking for more to reclaim their losses after the lockdown.

She claimed the majority of people support when the opposite is the case. ITV viewers did not hold back after discovering the bug.

Kate Garraway was asked by viewers to mess up a poll on social media (Credit: ITV).

GMB viewers were quick to point out Kate’s mistakes

On social media, viewers of the ITV morning show asked Kate to “correct” themselves after the survey error.

One viewer tweeted: “Kate completely misunderstood the poll! The opposite is the case. Got to correct Error. “

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Another repeated: “Someone has to correct @kategarraway. ”

A third shared: “Can you get @kategarraway to correct she herself reported the survey completely wrong! We are NOT for it. The answer was YES, it’s wrong. Living man. “

ED! has asked GMB representatives to comment.

Kate Garraway on GMB
TV presenter Kate Garraway briefed on a previous broadcast about the condition of husband Derek since his return from the hospital (Image Credit: ITV).

Kate Garraway gives Derek an update

Kate recently briefed viewers on the condition of her husband Derek Draper after returning home from the hospital.

Her husband was severely depressed with coronavirus and has been suffering since last year. He spent a year in the hospital fighting COVID-19 and the aftermath of the virus.

She revealed on the show this week that Derek had reacted sweetly to her new dress.

The star said, “It was wonderful to have Derek at home and lots of little positive things I think.

“And whether that’s positive because it really helps his knowledge to be at home, or whether it’s just about being there to see the little things – even though I couldn’t go inside [to hospital] before and we were on FaceTime and stuff, I don’t know.

“But it feels positive, such small moments of reaction.”

She added, “I ran the other morning just before I went to Smooth [radio] to say, “I’m going to Smooth now” and he said, “New dress?” That was just amazing. And it really was!

“And I found that amazing on so many levels because he saw it. Second, he realized that I needed a lot of flattery.”

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