Ben Shephard looks surprised on GMB today and Susanna Reid smiles faintly

GMB fans make same complaint today about Susanna Reid replacement

GMB fans make same complaint today about Susanna Reid replacement

GMB viewers today (Thursday July 14) all made the same complaint about the presenter replacing Susanna Reid on the show.

Ranvir Singh sat in Susanna’s chair alongside Ben Shephard for the penultimate GMB episode of the week.

But one aspect of her hosting style seemed to annoy those watching at home, with complaints registered on social media.

Indeed, Twitters users slammed Ranvir, 44, for being “rude” during the course of an interview.

And one unhappy onlooker even claimed the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant was “unprofessional” for her actions.

Alan Watkinson ‘transformed’ Sir Mo Farah’s life (Credit: GMB)

GMB today

Alan Watkinson, the PE teacher who Sir Mo Farah has hailed for ‘transforming’ his life, was a guest in the studio.

He spoke about the Olympic champion’s potential when he was young following recent reports Sir Mo was trafficked to the UK as a child.

“In PE he came alive because that was the one way he could express himself. The one enjoyment he had,” Mr Watkinson recalled.

“So I saw a very different side to him that other people saw.”

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Mr Watkinson continued: “He was quite aggressive in his first year at school.

“He had no access to the curriculum as he couldn’t speak the language.

“And he had a really, really difficult time.”

Ranvir Singh folds her arms on GMB today
Ranvir Singh folds her arms on GMB today (Credit: GMB)

Ranvir on GMB

While many viewers were moved by the account of the long-distance runner’s shocking experience, others focused on Ranvir’s demeanour instead.

One person indicated with their tweet they felt Ranvir was not displaying ‘good manners’ during the segment.

Very unprofessional, as usual.

And that’s because she was gesticulating with her pen in her hand while she was talking.

Tagging in Ranvir and the show’s account, they demanded: “@ranvir01 @GMB someone tell Ranvir to stop pointing at Mo Farah’s teacher with her pen. #mannerscostnothing.”

Ranvir Singh gesticulates with her pen on GMB today
Ranvir Singh gesticulates with her pen (Credit: GMB)

Good Morning Britain today

Someone else agreed, echoing the request for Ranvir to cease gesturing at the show guest.

“@GMB can Ranvir stop pointing a pen at Mr Watkinson, it’s so rude,” they said.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user issued the same instructions – and called for a halt to another way Ranvir composed herself.

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And they also claimed such an approach was ‘typical’ for the highly-regarded presenter.

“@GMB get the pen down Ranvir and stop folding your arms. Very unprofessional, as usual,” they barked.

However, others loved seeing Ranvir on GMB today as one gushed: “So much nicer in the morning with Ranvir and Ben.”

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