Gordon Ramsay Game Show Viewers Mock “Biggest Pilots In Britain”

Bank Balance – Gordon Ramsay’s new game show – had frustrated viewers who were all asking the same question last night (March 4th).

How did Chris and Luke get their pilot’s license – and which airline do they work for?

The comments came after the couple – who are Crawley’s roommates – appeared on the BBC One game show.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth catching up ahead of tonight’s show as the two have been ranked the “fattest pilots in the UK” after their disastrous performance.

Gordon Ramsay couldn’t look like his game show attendees dusted off a geographic response (Credit: BBC).

What happened on the Gordon Ramsay Game Show last night?

General knowledge turned out to be a bit of a problem for Chris and Luke.

However, when answering a question about geography, they really were a cropper.

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During the episode, Gordon was heard joking, “You’re a pilot, you should know that.”

And it’s a feeling that many viewers of Bank Balance shared.

It was all a little bit about Pete Tong when the boys were asked to name two countries in Africa whose names start with a vowel.

“Africa,” thought Gordon, “you two must have flown over it often.”

“Everything looks the same from the sky,” came Chris’ answer.

They pretty much smashed the first answer and quickly established themselves in Uganda.

Then things went downhill.

“South Africa … No, that’s an S,” said the boys when they were talking.

“Mozambique? No… ”came another guess.

Eventually they chose Egypt but they got caught by the clock and the blocks turned red.

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“Egypt,” thought Chris. “Obviously we’re going there.”

“You’re going there ?!” Exclaimed Gordon.

“Oh my god. When I buckle up and get greeted by your captain’s Chris and Luke, I’ll jump up [bleep] from the plane. I am telling you now.

“I needed two answers, that was it. How many times have you flown over Egypt? He asked angrily.

Candidates on bank balance
The guys only got one answer right in 60 seconds (Credit: BBC)

How did the audience at home react to the gaff?

BBC viewers said the boys “completely destroyed” their trust in British pilots.

“The bank balance completely destroyed my confidence in the British Pilots. Completely clueless, ”they said.

Another agreed: “H.when this show found the two thickest Pilots in Britain? “

A third commented: “Two Pilots Can’t you name two countries in Africa that start with a vowel ?! Arggghhhhhh! “

Oh my God. When I buckle up and am greeted by your captain’s Chris and Luke, I’ll jump up [bleep] from the plane.

Then came the inevitable questions: How did you qualify for your pilot’s license and which airline do you work for so this can be avoided at all costs!

And these two could be responsible for my next flight? F.Righteous thought, ”said one.

“If I ever go anywhere and find out one of them Pilots fly the plane. I’ll take the pedal boat instead. Much safer, ”said another.

“I would like to know which airline you work for,” commented a third.

“When the lockdown is over and we are free to fly to other countries, just pray to the Lord that Chris and Luke are not yours Pilots! ”Quipped another.

“What exactly do you need to know to be one? pilot? Clearly no geography, ”joked another.

Who does that? Pilots work for? Whoever it is, I never want to fly with them again, ”said another.

“Which airline do you fly? I definitely avoid them! “another agreed.

“I want to know which airline these two are Pilots work for because i’m blacklisting them! “Explained another.

“H.How did you ever get hers? pilot Licenses? “another viewer commented.

How did the guys end up doing on the show?

It’s not over yet for Chris and Luke returning to Gordon and his stacking blocks tonight.

However, based on past performance, it doesn’t look like they’ll end up doing very well.

Tune in to BBC One tonight (March 5th) at 9 p.m. to find out.

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