Gordon Ramsay was called by the game show candidate for “offensive” jokes

Gordon Ramsay was back on our screens last night (March 3rd) with his game show Bank Balance.

As a result, cousins ​​Tom and Reuben fought for the price of 100,000 pounds.

And as controversial as ever, Gordon raised a few eyebrows when he observed the candidate Tom.

An observation, in fact, that Tom called the host on himself.

Gordon Ramsay was labeled “Slightly Offensive” on his game show last night (Credit: BBC)

What happened on the Gordon Ramsay Game Show last night?

Gordon’s comments came after the boys didn’t name a single Blue Peter presenter after choosing the kids’ TV category.

“Apart from the fact that Tintin grew up as a child, what else did you see?” joked Gordon, no doubt referring to Tom’s obvious resemblance to the character.

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“Well, that’s a bit offensive,” Tom quipped with a seemingly nervous laugh.

“Tintin is damn cool. You don’t like Tintin? “asked Bank Balance Host Gordon.

“No, I’ve been called a lot, especially when the quiff is a little higher,” he said, pointing to his hair.

Bank balance Tintin candidate
Candidate Tom said he was called a lot of Tintin (Credit: BBC)

What did the audience say about the Tintin reference?

One wondered if Tom was “really offended” by Gordon’s comments.

“Is he really offended?” asked one.

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Another tweeted the game show a GIF from the Tintin movie.

They said, “Was that him when he was younger than you say?”

Is he really offended?

Gordon quickly tweeted it with a series of crying laughing emojis.

“Tintin!” declared a follower.

“Lol,” commented another.

Gordon Ramsay Game Show entrant
Tom and cousin Reuben went home with £ 16,000 though (Credit: BBC)

Gordon Ramsay Game Show: What Happened In The End?

Tom and his cousin got the last laugh, however.

Despite the collapse of the stacks, they managed to transfer £ 16,000, much to the delight of viewers on Twitter.

“The poles are collapsing. Anyway, because they are taking home £ 16,000, which is not bad for night work, ”commented one viewer.

Ofcom complaints

The comments came after complaints from Ofcom about take-away comments made by Gordon Ramsay on Saturday night last weekend.

Viewers were unfazed when he found out he couldn’t read what Candidate Lorna was saying and made a comment about the gap in her teeth.

“I can not. It’s the tooth gap, I can’t understand what you’re saying, ”he said.

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