Government updates their overseas travel advice

The government’s green travel list was updated today (June 3rd) – and that’s not good news for those looking to fly on summer vacation.

The changes to the list of quarantine-free countries will go into effect on Thursday, June 10 at 4 a.m.

And they are even tighter than before, according to news reports.

After the update of the Green List, will you go on vacation or decide to stay instead?

The green holiday list has been updated (Source: Pexels)

Update Green List: Which countries are now on the Green List?

It was reported earlier this morning that no new countries have been greenlisted by the government.

Therefore, the British can only travel freely to those previously listed by the government.

All but Portugal – the most accessible vacation destination that was on the list for the British.

It is said to switch from the green list to amber.

Update of the Green List: Government issues new advice
Are you going in search of sunshine this summer? (Credit: Pexels)

What do green, amber and red actually mean?

Arrivals from Green List countries must have a pre-departure COVID test and a PCR test on the second day of their arrival in the UK.

You do not have to be quarantined on your return – unless your test result is positive.

Anyone arriving from amber-colored countries must be quarantined for 10 days in a location of their choice.

You will also need to have a test before departure and a PCR test on the second and eighth days.

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If you are traveling from a red list country, you must stay in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 days.

We have to keep track of the data and of course I understand why people want to travel, but we have to make sure that we protect this country.

Pre-departure tests and PCR testing will be performed on days two and eight.

And you can only enter the UK from red light countries if you are a UK or Irish citizen or have a residence permit.

“We have to protect this country”

Leading up to the announcement, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government had a duty to “protect this country.”

He said, “We have to keep track of the data and of course I understand why people want to travel, but we have to make sure that we protect this country, especially because the vaccination program is going so well.

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“We’ve seen hospital stays and deaths drop instantly, and we need to protect the advances we’ve made here at home while allowing travel where it’s safe.

“You have to follow the data.”

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