Grand launch of the new OTT app “Apex Prime” from Soumya Das in Mumbai

By Jyothi Venkatesh

No wonder it’s the era of OTT today, and it was in such a situation that the new OTT “Apex Prime” was launched in Mumbai’s Red Bulb, which has been relocated to a newer location. On the occasion of the big launch of this OTT by OTT boss Soumya Das, posters of 4 web series were also launched, at which numerous media representatives were also present. Many celebrities like Riddhima Tiwari, Mrinal Deshraj, Shweta Sinha, the actors Shiva Ridani, Purti Arya, Shweta Khanduri, Amit Pachori and Bigg Boss 9 celebrity Kanwaljit Singh were also in attendance.

All guests congratulated Soumyata Das and Paras Madan on Apex Prime and wished them all the best for success. Anand Sharma is on the board of directors of this OTT, while Soumita Das is the OTT boss and her husband Paras Madan is the business operating officer. Speaking to the media, Soumya Das said that Apex Prime is actually a different type of content platform that features different types of web series and short films in addition to reality shows.

Paras Madan repeated that they brought this OTT with a different thinking. “The OTT’s USP is that there won’t be a bold scene in any of its content, nor will there be a scene that would pose a family problem.

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First the poster of the web series “Cyber ​​Singham” was launched, in which Mayur Mehta played the role of Triveni Singh. It’s a series that is inspired by real-life events. Professor Triveni Singh, IPS is currently working as an SP in the cyber crime area of ​​the Uttar Pradesh police. He has also written a book, Hidden Files, which is based on the investigation of cybercrime. He has solved many complicated cybercrime cases and some of the real stories from the same cases he solved are featured in Cyber ​​Singham. Cyber ​​Singham is directed by Avinash Garg, a series based on true incidents of cybercrime. It is operated by Prabhuti Media Pvt Ltd. produced. Real Life Stories was presented as a web series with the help of the Route64 Infosec Research Foundation.

The poster of the second web series Lottery was launched where Shiva has the edge. He has a negative character in this film. Shiva said that such content did not appear on any OTT. “Lottery” is the story of the slum. The story of the garbage collector. It was shot in Lucknow. I did not bathe in many days to play this role. I am ready to quit acting if the audience doesn’t really like the series and I give it a lot of awards because it is still different from the other web series to this day ”.

Apex Prime’s third poster for the show Perfect Couple (Reality Show) has been launched, which is a different show. Unique story. It was shot in Kashmir. The poster of the short film Honeymoon Divorce was launched and the trailer was also shown. It also played Soumya Das and Paras Madan. Soumya said that due to the lockdown in this short film, the couple had to step in as actors on a different topic. His story relates to the common man and daily life.

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