Great British Bake Off-Star Maggie breaks the silence after Paul Hollywood tries harder

Great British Bake Off-Star Maggie broke her silence after she was moved to tears over Paul Hollywood criticizing her showstopper cookie construction this week.

Now Maggie, 70, has dropped a cheeky reference to the judge’s comment on social media.

Maggie got after Paul’s comment last week (Credit: Channel 4)

Great British Bake Off: Maggie

Earlier this week, the second episode of The Great British Bake Off showed great emotion.

The participants were given the task of baking and constructing a 3D biscuit interpretation of a favorite toy from childhood.

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Maggie opted for a beach play set.

However, their efforts didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of both texture and design.

And when it came to the assessment, Paul said that like a school report card, she “could do better”.


Maggie, who recently converted to Instagram, let her followers know that she had also joined Twitter.

And she used Paul’s comment as a backdrop for her announcement.

“After considering the ‘could try harder’ comments on my showstopper, I’ve decided to take the same approach on my social media! You can now follow me on Twitter! “

She then used the adorable hashtags #Iamontwitter #Twitternewbie #socialmedianewbie.

Maggie at the Great British Bake Off
Maggie has been a fan hit so far (Credit: Channel 4)

Maggie and her fans on Twitter

If she gets on Twitter, she will find that the fans love her very much.

After Paul’s comment and her emotional reaction, they gathered around her.

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Some called the judge “too harsh” and warned against withdrawing Maggie.

One said, “Ah Maggie, Paul will have to work harder telling her if it was a school report card reading it.

“I just wanted to tell him to leave her alone.”

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