Greg Wise “saved through therapy” after the tragic death of his beloved sister

Greg Wise is all into his Strictly Come Dancing stint – and for good reason.

The actor’s late sister, Clare, was the BBC One show’s biggest fan and he does anything for her.

Clare, who died of bone cancer in 2016 at the age of 51, was even buried in a glitter ball coffin.

And she’s at the center of Greg’s mind tonight as he and partner Karen Hauer go through his couple-choosing routine.

Greg, 55, told It Takes Two, “We’re doing our couple pick this week. And that’s why I’m with Strictly – for my disco diva sister Clare. “

Greg and Karen appeared on the first live show last week (Image: BBC)

He feels his sister’s spirit guide him through Strictly and adds: “She has her hand on my back now, guides, excites, rebukes.”

Greg and Karen, 39, dance to Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind, which he explains is “about lost love and the sadness of the unattainable.”

He continued: “But in this sense of loss, in our dance, there is an explosive encounter, like in a ghostly dream, that comes together and forms, celebrates and finally separates.

“I hope I can do it without sobbing. Or fall over. “

Greg and Clare’s close bond

The siblings were incredibly close, lived on the same street and went on vacation together as adults.

And as Clare’s illness got worse, Greg became her 24/7 caregiver and even took over the blog she’d written about her experience with the deadly disease.

He was by his sister’s side when she died and said in an earlier interview that it was some relief.

“I was relieved when it happened. It was untenable for her and had been for a long time. She found a reason to open her eyes every morning and I think I was a part of it, ”he said Sunday mail.

Greg Wise and wife Emma Thompson
Greg Wise and wife Emma Thompson have been married for 18 years (Photo credit:

Saved by therapy

Greg, married to Dame Emma Thompson, 62, thanked therapy for helping him prepare for Clare’s death and the grief that followed.

He continued in the Post: “I go to therapy once a week. We should all go to therapy.

“I am fascinated by how suspicious people are of people who go to therapy. It saved my life.

“It would have been very easy to have broken from it. But it wasn’t me.

“Clare is still very present and always will be. I carry it with me. “

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Greg Wise and Emma Thompson with their daughter Gaia
Greg and Emma with their daughter Gaia (Credit: Keith Mayhew / Cover Images)

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