“Gunday is a film that made it possible for us to be best friends!”: Arjun Kapoor on his relationship with Ranveer Singh

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh’s on-screen bromance in Gunday was an instant hit as the audience really loved their camaraderie! On the 7th anniversary of the movie’s release, Arjun talks about why Gunday is and always will be one of his favorite films.

What did you like about Gunday that made you sign the film right away?

I was barely 6 months old at the beginning of my career and Adi Sir offered me a film that was a two-hero ensemble, a large commercial establishment. When I met Ali (Abbas Zafar) I loved his energy and excitement of treating it like a larger than life adventure. It was like a step backwards and a tribute to the cinema of the 70s and 80s that I saw myself. The Mukul Anand, Subhash Ghai cinema room and at the same time a film about brotherhood and gangsters.

When you start out as a young actor, these are all things that you love to explore and do in mainstream cinema. You want to establish yourself at the beginning. You want to do mainstream stuff with a sense of heightened reality and that is exactly what Gunday was actually like. I was very excited about doing something that is so frontal and mainstream.

Her relationship with Ranveer in the film was an instant success. Tell us what made bonhomie so special.

I think it was the off-camera love and respect that we had for each other because we realized how much we have in common, that we are born just ten days apart! It was a lot easier for us to bond than we thought and you gave up being an actor when you started out. At this stage in your life, you don’t think about your career and rivalry. They are just trying to make the best movie possible and have the most fun. Ranveer and I knew each other before the movie too, so breaking the ice break was a little easier. Thanks to Ali for writing a movie that enabled us to be best friends. He was a huge factor for me and Ranveer to get so close.

It just happened, it was just the river. It’s like chalk and cheese, even though we are bars apart, we still manage to fit together. It’s like sugar and spices, they’re opposites, but they both sound good together. We were two people who were completely different, but in the end we just got along and worked well together. People kind of realized when they saw the trailer where we both looked good as a unit, but I think we realized when we were filming ourselves that this relationship is special.

Gunday presented you in a brand new avatar. What did you love about your character in the movie?

What I loved most were the costumes. It’s always exciting to play a character in the 70s, a gangster. It was my first film at the time. The way I was styled, the way I was presented, the low angle trolleys and handled only larger than life, went in slow motion, this introduction came off the train and ended up in a coal train, I think the presentation was a lot bigger than every third film could have gotten me and it was very cool, very unique and very exciting. Usually you feel like you have to work a lot before you can get that level, but here I was immediately in the third film within the first six to eight months of my larger-than-life action hero career and I loved it.

What do you think was Gunday’s biggest USP because he immediately bonded with the youth?

I think the camaraderie between Ranveer and me was something special, but also having such a large cast, consisting of legend Irrfan Sir, Priyanka Chopra and us in this big budget blockbuster, got the film noticed. After a long time there was a two-hero film and the youth loved the music. I know the music and the trailer made all the difference. The title, with such actions, the music, of course, because Tune Maari Entriyaan became angry all over the world. At this point, six years ago, we were shooting this song on a large scale and Tune Maari Entriyaan became a huge hit everywhere we promoted the film.

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