Hairy Bikers viewers “hurt” when Si King and Dave Myers strip naked

Hairy Bikers viewers were “injured” last night (March 11th) when Si King and Dave Myers stripped naked on the show.

The TV duo returned to screens on Thursday with their popular series The Northern Exposure.

In the third episode of the series, Si and Dave travel to Russia.

The Hairy Bikers traveled to Russia on their Northern Exposure (Photo credit: BBC Two)

What happened to the Hairy Bikers?

Dave couldn’t bring his bikes to the country and borrowed an old motorcycle and sidecar.

The episode also included an evening at the ballet and a caviar tasting.

Additionally, the couple tried vodka and sampled some of the best foods in the country.

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But while most viewers loved the classic episode, some were a little apprehensive in the last few moments of the show.

When a teaser clip aired for the next week, the Hairy Bikers were in Finland.

During the episode, Dave learns how to have a traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Si King and Dave Myers Spotted Naked (Image Credit: BBC Two)

In the meantime, Si cooks Finnish pastries.

However, there is also a scene in which the couple are immersed in a lake.

What did the audience say?

The teaser clip left some viewers horrified.

On Twitter one wrote: “The #HairyBikers were only naked on TV and there was no trigger warning. I feel hurt! @BBC #triggerwarning. ”

In the meantime, a second couldn’t suppress her laugh at the scene.

They said, “I can’t believe the Hairy Bikers on TV are naked! Absolutely wrinkled. “

There were also a lot of tweets on her trip to Russia.

The Hairy Bikers were only on TV naked and there was no withdrawal warning

One said, “The @HairyBikers are amazing. I hate cooking shows but I could see them all day! “

Also, a second tweeted, “What a fabulous show tonight @HairyBikers.”

Another added, “You can’t beat the @HairyBikers, which is the real comfort TV.”

the hairy bikers
The duo is back on BBC Two (Credit:

What is The Northern Exposure about? What if it is on?

The Hairy Bikers Northern Exposure is one of their many popular travel and cooking series.

During the series, Si and Dave visit different countries north of the UK.

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You will explore Germany via Poland, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to Sweden.

It started at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 9th on BBC Two.

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