Happy Raksha Bandhan: Celebrities adopt the name BOLLYWOOD ACTOR, which they would like to have as their brother

Raksha Bandhan is a fun day out with siblings and family over dinner, talking and laughing. The occasion is almost there and we have all made plans and preparations to make the day special. How about some fun to relieve the fatigue caused by prep? Well, we have an idea. We asked some female celebrities to take the name of this one Bollywood actor they would like to have as their brother, and why? Here is what they said:

Parull Chaudhry: If I have to tie Rakhi to a Bollywood actor, it is definitely Ranveer Singh. I think he’s the funniest and coolest brother there is. I absolutely love the quirky sense of clothing he has * $%, so I’ll definitely have a brother to show the world to. He also seems very caring and loving.

Kaveri Priyam: I think I want to associate rakhi with all of the Bollywood villains for obvious reasons. (laughs)

Sheena Bajaj: I would take the name Hrithik Roshan. I had played his and Kareena [Kapoor Khan] Daughter. If I were so many years younger than him, I wouldn’t mind having him as my older brother and I also think he would be a great one.

Yamini Malhotra: I would like to tie Rakhi to Tiger Shroff. Then I can roam the city fearlessly and if a boy ever annoys me my brother would come and do his fighting moves and throw them on the ground. Everyone will be scared not to mess with Tiger’s sister, right?

Chitra Vakil Sharma: Salman Khan’s Bhai figure suits him. He is a loving and ideal brother who takes good care of his sisters, everyone knows that.

Pranitaa Pandit: I would like to tie Rakhi to Ranveer Singh because he is colorful and has an extremely good sense of humor. I would proudly flaunt him as my brother and have so much fun with him.

Sneha Namanandi: I would use the name Suniel Shetty because everyone calls him Anna (brother). I love his strong and positive personality. He seems like a brother who would protect and comfort his sister no matter what. I also speak to my real brother with Anna.

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