Happy Raksha Bandhan: Celebrities adopt the name BOLLYWOOD ACTRESS that they would like to have as their sister

Raksha Bandhan is a fun day out with siblings and family over dinner, talking and laughing. The occasion is almost there and we have all made plans and preparations to make the day special. How about some fun to relieve the fatigue caused by prep? Well, we have an idea. We asked a couple of male celebrities to take the name of this one Bollywood actress they’d like to have as their sister, and why? Here is what they said:

Sharad Malhotra: I would like to have a rakhi tied by Twinkle Khanna. I admire the fact that she balances her life and family so perfectly.

Mrunal Jain: Kajol would probably be the ideal sister for me. She is bubbly, sensible, and I am a great admirer who have seen most of her films.

Sagar Parekh: I would like to have a rakhi tied by Rakhi Sawant as it is also called rakhi. (laughs) Joking aside, I think she’s brave, wild and she would be a good older sister, someone who would always be by my side no matter what.

Sneh Binny: Shraddha Kapoor, I would say. She is talented, professional and looks like a real person.

Rohit Purohit: I have a feeling that I would like to retain Rakhi from Katrina Kaif. As an actress, she gives very positive vibes on screen.

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