Hariharan has the upcoming Indo-Polish film “No Means No” directed by Vikash Verma. soul-touching songs given

Legendary singer Hariharan, the voice behind several soulful melodies over the years – from the theme song by Hum Saath Saath Hain to Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi in Swades, has soul-touching songs and music for the upcoming high-budget Indo-Polish film No Means No helmed given by Vikash Verma with Dhruv Verma in the lead role. In addition to Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal also gave the songs in the film her melodic voice.

Hariharan shared about his work experience: “No means no is an international Polish Indian film directed by Vikash Verma in which Dhruv Verma can be seen in a leading role. By the way, me and my son Akshay Hariharan made music for the film. It was a very interesting project with a lot of fusion music and electronic background music from Akshay. We loved working on this project. “

Hariharan Ji believed that after the location of the film, the soundtracks should also have a distinctly European feel. He used cellos and pianos generously to emphasize the sound of European instrumentals. And he has also recruited some of the best singers from Germany, Belarus and other parts of Europe for the best background music. His son Akshay Hariharan is the music producer of “No Means No”. Karan Hariharan is also one of the singers in the film.

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Music composer and producer Akshay Hariharan is delighted and says, “No means no is one of the most anticipated Vikash Verma films, starring Dhruv Verma and a host of great actors. I have the great privilege of being the record producer and composer on this film. It was a great experience as a lot of hard work was done and I was given a lot of guidance from Hari Ji. It’s basically a fusion of Indian, European, electronic and all sorts of different musical genres. Hopefully we lived up to it. “

The film is mainly shot in the locations and cool -30 degrees Celsius of Poland. The film has an ensemble consisting of Gulshan Grover, Deep Raj Rana (Indian), Sharad Kapoor (Indian), Bollywood action hero Dhruv Verma (Indian), Natalia Bak (Polish), Anna Guzik (Polish), Slywia Czech (Polish), Actors Pawel Czech (Polish), actor Jersey Handzlik (Polish), Nazia Hassan (niece of actor Sanjay Dutt), Anna Ador (Polish) and Kat Kristian (Polish).

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