Harry and Meghan will have their third child in a few years

On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s news, the couple could have a third child, although their comments are enough on two, a numerologist said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lilibet, and they also have two-year-old son Archie.

However, numerologist Heather James said the couple could have a third child “in three years”.

Meghan and Harry may have a third child, a numerologist predicted (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

What is the latest news from Harry and Meghan?

A numerologist looks at people’s “numbers” and then determines their beliefs based on the number patterns.

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The method works by matching the numbers that represent the letters of a person’s full name, date of birth, and individual numbers that show characteristics.

Ms. James, numerologist for top dating agency Mogul Matchmakers, said The sun is fabulous Magazine: “You definitely have a past life connection.

News from Meghan and Harry
The couple already have two children (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

“I predict they will have a third child in three years – their numbers say it all.”

She went on to say Meghan was a four, which means she can be “rigid with rules” and sometimes “lacking in tolerance” but “down to earth and a great mom”.

She added: “Meghan has 64; in number, which is scary since Lilibet was born on June 4th, so I have a feeling that mother and daughter will have a very strong bond. “

Meanwhile, Harry previously talked about having a maximum of two children.

News from Meghan and Harry
The Duke and Duchess previously said they would not have more than two children (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

In 2019 the Duke interviewed Dr. Jane Goodall for Vogue magazine and said, “I think, strangely enough, because of the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been fortunate to go to, I’ve always had a connection and a love of nature.

“I see it differently now, no question. But I’ve always wanted to try that, even before I had a child and was hoping for children. “

Jane quipped, “Not too many!”

Harry replied, “Two, maximum!”

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During their joint interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, the host asked if they were “done” with two children.

Harry said, “Done. To have a boy and then a girl, I mean, what more could you want? “

Meghan added: “It’s two!”

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