Has Tracy Metcalfe gone for good? when will she be back

Emmerdale character Tracy left the village tonight (Friday 14th January) but is she gone for good and will she be back soon?

Why did Tracy leave Emmerdale?

Tracy decided to leave Emmerdale as she had been offered a new job in Nottingham.

Tracy has struggled with postnatal depression since the birth of her and Nate’s daughter, Frankie.

However, Tracy managed to get help and even gave a speech at a seminar on postnatal depression.

The organization running the seminar was so impressed with her that they offered her a job in Nottingham.

Tracy has been offered a job in Nottingham (Credit: ITV)

When her ex-fiancé Nate found out about this, he tried to convince her not to go.

However, realizing that he had destroyed her dreams, he spoke to his father, Cain, and realized that he should encourage her to leave.

Nate encouraged her to take the new job, but Tracy’s sister, Vanessa, wasn’t impressed when she found out her sister was leaving.

Vanessa wanted Tracy to stay (Credit: ITV)

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In tonight’s episode, Tracy said goodbye to Eric, Faith and Nate. As she left, Vanessa apologized for not supporting her and promised to visit her.

Tracy then left the village with her daughter Frankie, but is she gone forever?

Has Tracy left Emmerdale for good?

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Tracy lives and works in Nottingham, but in real life, actress Amy Walsh has gone on maternity leave.

Amy recently gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Toby-Alexander Smith, who plays Gray Atkins in EastEnders.

When is Tracy coming back?

It hasn’t been announced when Tracy will be back or when Amy Walsh will return to film.

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