Heat wave ‘for two weeks’ this June

Britain will enjoy the warmest weather of the year yet – and the forecast suggests it will only get hotter!

Today’s weather (Monday 31 May) is expected to hit 25 ° C and will be the hottest day of 2021. However, it looks like temperatures will continue to rise for a few more days.

However, the mild conditions could also bring with them thunderstorms. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the 18th century will be reached regularly in the next few weeks.

Brits take advantage of the UK weather and heatwave (Photo Credit: Roger Allen / SplashNews.com)

How the weather is going today

Thousands across the country use the holiday sun to fill beaches and public spaces.

And while Sunday reached its peak with a very nice 24 ° C, today is expected to be even hotter.

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However, sunbathers are advised to use sunscreen well and cover themselves if necessary.

This is because the amount of UV light will be very high for the next few days.

How the UK weather and heat wave could change UK

It is hoped that an average of 18 ° C will be maintained between June 2nd and 11th.

And this Wednesday (June 2nd) it could get really hot, as some experts are forecasting highs of 27 ° C!

Thunderstorms can occur until the middle of the week.

By the middle of the week, however, cooler air could move in – although observers believe June could be a record month for excellent weather.

Weather forecast for Great Britain:
Sun worshipers need to be careful in the strong rays (Credit: Pexels.com)

What the Met Office means

Meteorologist Becky Mitchell said, “By the middle of the week there may be some thunderstorms, the first showers will come in parts of the southwest, and there will be a few thunderstorms.

“There is a chance a thunderstorm may break down in the southeast and we could have some pretty violent storms there.”

“There is still a lot of uncertainty, but with the warm and humid weather we have the most important ingredients for thunderstorms.”

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Temperatures across the country are expected to still be 4-8 ° C higher than expected for the time of year.

And there could also be an increase for areas to the east next Saturday (June 5th) when conditions hit 22C.

Rain is also forecast for next Sunday (June 6th) in the north of England, the Midlands and the South East.

At this point, temperatures are expected to drop after the following Friday (June 11th).

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