Heat wave is expected to return in weeks

The UK weather forecast for a few weeks is reportedly hot, hot, hot.

Another heat wave could be on the way – and experts believe temperatures could hit 26 ° C in July.

However, thunderstorms can also accompany the warm weather, suggesting that there might be muggy periods as well.

The sunshine may be nice, but be careful with heat waves (Source: pexels.com)

The UK Weather Forecast for July: What the Met Office Says

The Met Office believes conditions in July could roughly match expectations for this time of year. However, other meteorologists assume that it could be two to three degrees hotter than normal.

The Met Office predicts, “We will likely experience periods of dry, calm, and warm weather, punctuated by the occasional days of thicker clouds, rain, and stronger winds.

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“Temperatures will likely be close to the national average.

“In south-eastern areas sometimes warm or very warm conditions can prevail, but these are likely to be offset by cooler interludes from the west.”

How hot will the heat wave get?

The Express online Website reports that weather maps indicated southern England will enjoy temperatures of 25 ° C.

That will drop slightly in the Midlands and Wales at 24 ° C and 23 ° C, respectively.

Average temperatures for most are likely to be 2-3 ° C above long-term normal.

However, cooler temperatures may occur in areas to the north, west, and southwest. Some parts of Scotland like the Shetland Islands can even feel a bit chilly at 12 ° C.

UK weather forecast
Sunbathers flocked to Bournemouth beach recently (Photo credit: Birdman / SplashNews.com)

Is it going to rain?

Express Online also cited Netweather TV forecaster Ian Simpson as pointing out that July may rain less than expected.

He said, “There is a pretty strong signal of above-average pressure and below-average rainfall during this time with temperatures above normal, possibly significant.”

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Mr. Simpson added, “Average temperatures are most likely 2-3 ° C above long-term normal for most of them, and it is likely to be generally drier and sunnier than normal.”

In addition, Express Online suggests that thunder and lightning could hit the south of England.

UK weather forecast
Londoners cool off in the capital (Image: AGZ / SplashNews.com)

Take care in the sun

It was recently reported that weather warnings were being issued after a record-breaking number of deaths from heat waves in England last summer.

According to Sky news, Public Health England recorded 2,256 additional deaths from all causes in the three official heatwave periods in 2020.

High temperatures affect the body by making the blood circulate faster to help keep it cool. This can put stress on the heart and lungs and cause heat stroke and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

People over 65, people with pre-existing conditions, and young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat.

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