Helm: Aparshakti Khurana shines in his first main performance

The helmet starring Aparshakti Khurana and Pranutan Behl has recently appeared and is causing waves in the hearts of the audience. As much a quirky comedy as it is, it is also very relevant, especially in a country like India where the population explosion is as fast as a nuclear fission; on a steady upward curve. What works best for the film is Aparshakti’s performance, and it resonates with the judgments of the critics. Many film critics have praised the actor for his sincere performance.

The actor captivates with his solo lead and much of it is shaped by his top-notch comic timing, it’s easily one of the real highlights of this social comedy. The unmistakable sincerity of his performance manifests itself with the authentic “Desi” accent and his voice modulation in scenes in which he walks a tightrope between comedy and emotion. Mixing comedy with drama is like a violent chemical reaction, it can get messy in seconds, but Aparshakti gets the lead role with impeccable ease and keeps the film grounded.

This is the first time Aparshakti has starred, but his confidence in the performance speaks for itself. The actor plays Lucky, a singer in a wedding band in a Uttar Pradesh city, and he’s taking full advantage of the movie’s backdrop, he’s nailed the accent, his body language is on point, and he blends flawlessly into the small-town setting. Paradoxically, he becomes one with the universe of the film in order to stand out as a key performer on which the film rides strongly.

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