High Court to Sushant Singh Rajput ‘Fan’: How do you know what the movie ‘Nyaay: The Justice’ is about?

The Bombay Supreme Court on Wednesday questioned a “social worker” who had questioned a film about the life of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput whether he knew its contents.

“How do you know what they’re going to do?” Asked Judge Prithviraj Chavan, who was told the film defamed Rajput’s reputation and was based on distorted facts. The court heard an appeal from Manish Mishra against the dismissal of his restraining order in a lawsuit he filed in the Dindoshi Civil Court relating to Sarla Saraogi’s film “Nyaay: The Justice”. “The investigation into this matter has yet to be decided on the veracity of suicide or murder,” he added. When Mishra’s petition announced the start of production, he asked HC to prevent Saraogi from releasing, exhibiting, showing and promoting the film.

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Justice Chavan consulted Mishra’s location-based statement to file a lawsuit and his personal interest. Mishra’s attorney Chetan C Agarwal said his client was a “businessman, social worker, and fan and follower” of Rajput. Agarwal said the title of the film itself reveals the contents of the film: “How can you say it doesn’t touch the investigation or skew facts? The title itself shows, “he added. But the producer’s attorney, Ashok Saraogi, said,” It (title) can be for anything. The producer hasn’t brought the police investigation into the actor’s death. “

He also noted that the Dindoshi judge had asked, “If the film isn’t going to be released, how can you say it shows distorted facts?”

Judge Chavan published the hearing in the first week of March and said there was no urgency. Saraogi feared that the post-production studio would not be able to complete its work if Mishra notifies it of his calling. “If someone is doing something right, there is no need to be afraid,” noted Justice Chavan.

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