Himansh Kohli’s sister Disha got married, the actor says it was a simple matter that met all Covid-19 norms

Himansh Kohli sounds both emotional and happy when he talks about his sister’s marriage. Disha, a baker by profession, tied the knot with Abhay Malhotra, a businessman, in Delhi on February 28th. There were a number of functions organized according to Covid-19 norms, shares the Yaariyaan actor.

“I was in high spirits for my sister and made sure that all the preparations were made perfectly, after all it was a very important event in her life. But to be honest, even as a brother, I felt a little bit different. That she’s going to leave us one day is something we knew was going to happen, but you’re never prepared for it, ”says the actor.

Kohli goes on to say that as a brother he was excited because his sister was starting a new phase in life. “It’s there, but I miss my sibling very much. She has taken the next step in life and has a number of new responsibilities and priorities that I fully understand. But I miss our endless conversations, fights, and all of her attention. Now I have to get used to this feeling ”, he adds and wishes his sister and brother-in-law all the luck in the world.

He also can’t stop talking about how beautiful and satisfied they looked on their wedding night. The first event, Mehendi, took place on February 27th, followed by a ring ceremony that evening on the same day. The next day was the wedding with a humble gathering of near and dear ones.

“We planned everything so that every norm followed the T. Given the pandemic, we weren’t able to take in many people. Unlike earlier times when it was a weeklong affair and the whole house was filled with friends and relatives, fewer events were planned. Perhaps after we have all returned to these older times, we will organize a bigger meeting. But at the moment we can’t take the risk, ”he said.

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