His “relief when Meghan’s due date excuses missing the reunion”

On the latest news about Prince Harry, a royal observer has speculated he might be glad to miss an upcoming reunion with his brother.

According to the US correspondent Kinsey Schofield, the Duke of Sussex, could use his wife Meghan Markle’s due date “as an excuse”.

She claims the impending birth could mean Harry deviating from the unveiling of a statue of his late mother next month.

The latest news on Prince Harry claims he might be fine missing the statue’s unveiling in July (Photo Credit: Splashnews.com)

Why should Prince Harry return to the UK in July?

A statue of Princess Diana is unveiled on July 1st by her sons Harry and William.

It will remember her on her 60th birthday.

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News reports, however, suggest that Harry has not confirmed when to fly over on the occasion.

In addition, Meghan’s due date is unknown, despite considerable suspicions.

When should Meghan give birth?

Despite recent suggestions that Meghan could have her baby by the end of May, no one has arrived yet.

When Meghan spoke to Oprah Winfrey in her bombshell interview in March, she stated that her daughter would be arriving in the summer.

It’s the perfect excuse for Harry to suspend this.

However, royal observers without the in-house work could only resort to guesswork. And now it seems that the pregnancy clashes with a date in several weeks’ time.

It seems like the only people who know for sure when Meghan is due are Meghan and Harry (Photo credit: YouTube)

What is the latest speculation saying?

Fans on social media are now wondering whether Harry and Meghan’s daughter might be due later this month. Or maybe even in July.

It remains unknown whether Harry or Meghan would be comfortable flying back to the UK as she was about to give birth or had just given birth.

Nonetheless, Ms. Schofield has poked around to keep the baby around until Harry can travel.

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She said that mirror: “I can imagine Prince Harry being relieved that Meghan’s due date is so close to the event because this is the perfect excuse for the Prince to sit this out and stay home in the States.

“At the time of the unveiling, I suspect the child will be born and will name the baby Diana.”

Meghan Markle news
Speculation mounts over her young daughter’s arrival (Photo credit: Splashnews.com)

She continued, “When Prince Harry is ready to eat crow, I encourage him to pack his bags and return to Britain to celebrate his mother’s legacy. If he can’t, maybe he should stay at home. “

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