Holly Willoughby splits viewers during the Dr. Scott segments

Holly Willoughby split viewers after a dog segment went into chaos that morning today.

The 40-year-old presenter was in the studio with Phillip Schofield to present a segment about pets.

The duo chatted over DogTV. It’s a new 24-hour channel that aims to ease separation anxiety, loneliness, and stress for pets seven days a week.

When Holly started chatting, the dog she was holding started pulling on the leash and eventually letting her fly around the studio.

“Come back, come back, come back,” Holly called while the dog continued to disobey her.

As a result, Dr. Scott Miller to be heard about the chaos that has ensued.

Holly Willoughby tried her best today to deal with the dog that morning (Image credit: ITV)

What happened to Holly Willoughby this morning?

During part of the section poor Holly was heard calling the dog’s name repeatedly to get his attention.

After Dr. Scott had spoken, Phil said, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear a word from you.”

Holly declared, “Sorry!” to the Dr. Scott said, “No, that’s fine!”

However, some viewers weren’t happy because they couldn’t hear what the vet had to say.

One person said on Twitter, “So annoying. I wanted to hear the canine TV segment and Holly was messing around.

“Why didn’t she let the dog sniff around?”

A second said, “WAsk Dr. Scott, to talk about dogs if you don’t listen to him … “

Dog this morning
Viewers that morning weren’t happy with the guest being addressed during the dog segment (Photo credit: ITV)

Another added, “Phil and Holly are just rude .. why bring someone and then talk about them.”

A fourth wrote: “I wanted to hear the section on dogs, but it was totally spoiled @hollywills don’t shut up. “

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However, not everyone felt quite so passionate. Others even enjoyed the chaos of the segment!

One viewer laughed, “I just saw Holly being pulled to the floor by a fluffy puppy when I walked into #ThisMorning.”

Another said, “The dog is ignoring Holly!” followed by smiling face emojis.

This morning will be broadcast on ITV from 10 a.m. on weekdays.

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