Home Bargains launches Hot Cross Bun Gin for Easter

Home Bargains has revealed what we think is the best gin ever.

Yes, just in time for Easter, the bargain shop has teamed up with Manchester Drinks to bring a new drop onto the market.

And this one tastes like hot rolls!

As a result, we have to explain that it is almost enough to throw away the chocolate eggs … Almost!

There’s more to Easter than chocolate eggs (Image credit: Manchester Drinks Company)

What do we know about the new flavored gin?

The new Hot Cross Bun Gin will soon hit shelves.

So, whenever you head out to Home Bargains to do some important things, make sure to add one straight to your cart.

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The small gin liqueur is called the “ultimate blend of sweet fruits and strong spices”.

And as a result, it has all of the flavors you can find in the high-carb treat.

Notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger combine to create the well-known, rich and fruity taste of hot rolls.

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We think it sounds perfect accompanied by a ton of Cadbury Easter eggs!

Hot Cross Bun Gin
The new limited edition gin liquor is only £ 8 so catch it while you can (credit: Manchester Drinks Company)

Easter is all about enjoying a drop or two.

A Manchester Drinks representative told ED! Even a cheeky serving suggestion.

Apparently, the Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur is best served mixed with tonic or ginger ale.

Easter is not just about enjoying Easter eggs, it’s also about enjoying a drop or two.

Or if you really want to taste it in all its glory, enjoy over crushed ice.

Richard Benjamin, Director of Manchester Drinks said, “Easter is not just about enjoying Easter eggs, it’s also about enjoying a drop or two.

“This gin was lovingly made to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and create a drink that really captures the popular flavors of a hot bun!”

When can I get it and what does it cost?

The new gin is a limited edition so catch it while you can.

It will be available exclusively in Home Bargains stores nationwide starting February 1st.

Every 500ml bottle has an ABV of 20% – and the best news is that it’s a bargain at just £ 8 per bottle.

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