Host opens fight over dyslexia

On Saturday morning, James Martin revealed that living with dyslexia can be a “nightmare”.

The 48-year-old TV chef briefed Mollie King on the condition this weekend (Saturday, February 27).

And speaking of their condition together, he admitted that reading the Autocue was difficult even.

James said he wasn’t diagnosed until he was 30 (Credit: ITV)

What did James Martin say on Saturday morning?

James spoke to his celebrity guest, 34-year-old Mollie, and asked the Saturday star about her dyslexia.

“I know that a great passion of yours is this dyslexia foundation, which I wanted to take up because it is close to my heart, because I am also dyslexic – severely dyslexic,” he said.

“I know you are, too, and you found out when you were a little kid.”

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Mollie told James that she knew she had this disease when she was 10 years old.

“I didn’t know anything about mine until I was 30,” he replied, “when I started reading Autocue on TV.”

“It’s an absolute nightmare for me to read this.”

James Martin discussed dyslexia with Mollie King
James and Mollie discussed the condition (Credit: ITV)

He continued: “I have to go and talk and only as a wonderful woman will I always remember her and I want to thank her too.

“She works for the BBC and turned around and said, ‘You have to walk and talk at the same time,’ and sent me for a little lesson on how to do it.

“You need someone like that to give you the confidence, don’t you?”

Who else suffers from dyslexia?

James isn’t the only celebrity struggling with the disease that affects reading and spelling.

This Morning star Holly Willoughby also spoke about her struggles earlier this month.

The 39-year-old praised dyslexic and buddy Hannah Peckham after she published her first children’s book.

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On Instagram, she said to the fans: “We were probably very connected to the fact that we are both dyslexic.

“That’s why this post is even more special and I feel very emotional when I write it.

“If I could go back and tell my school friend that she was going to publish her first book on February 2nd, 2021 to mark the start of #childrensmentalhealthweek, I wouldn’t be sure she would think it was possible …”

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