Host warns Troll about death threat

Good morning British star Piers Morgan said to the person who threatened him and his family with death, “I’ll find you.”

The GMB host, 55, said he had increased security in the face of the threat.

But he also compared himself to the character of Liam Neeson in the revenge film Taken when he vowed to get the culprit.

Piers said he wasn’t going to quit (Photo Credit: Jen Lowery /

What did Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain, say about the death threats?

In his Daily mail Diary, Piers said he is fully aware that it is “provoking lively debates”.

However, the troll has crossed a line, he told readers.

Piers responded with a letter: “Whoever it was posed a second threat to my son and his mother, warning them to ‘take care’ and saying that they too would ‘get it’ if I didn’t would do.

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“So I called the police and asked Big Tech (Facebook, which owns Instagram, works with the cops) and improved my security. I intend to take this to justice and accountability.

“In the words of Liam Neeson in Taken, ‘I’ll find you’.”

Piers Morgan compared himself to Liam Neeson's character in Taken after death threats
Piers compared himself to Liam Neeson (Image credit: YouTube)

What did the troll say?

The troll used Instagram to voice the obnoxious threat.

He wrote: “Piers Morgan, you are a marked man. If you call the police, do some great tech, or improve your security, nothing prevents us from reaching you. This is not a threat. Piers, it’s a promise you’ll get killed. “

When his son Spencer intervened, the troll replied that he and his mother were also threatened.

Let’s see how big and tough it feels when I give it the exposure it deserves.

Piers told his Twitter followers: “Another day, another death threat …

“Let’s see how big and tough he feels when I give him the exposure he deserves.”

Celia Walden described her fear of death threats
Piers and wife Celia (Photo Credit: Jen Lowery /

How did Ms. Celia react?

His wife Celia Walden also commented on the incident in her Daily Telegraph column.

“It wasn’t until I was told my phone number would be on a death threats quick response unit …

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“… and a security engineer came to install a panic button next to our bed that the police could have there in four minutes and my stomach started shaking.”

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