Hot chocolate fans welcome the new melting chocolate unicorn from Home Bargains

Hot chocolate fans showed their glee after Home Bargains launched the most adorable chocolate unicorn that melts to make a hot drink.

The bargain superstore shared news about the launch on Instagram.

And it turned out that in addition to a unicorn-shaped one, buyers can also buy a dinosaur-shaped treat with hot chocolate.

The chocolate unicorns are so cute and make a delicious hot chocolate (Credit: Home Bargains)

Home Bargains unveils hot chocolate unicorn

The store shared pictures of both products on social media and revealed a little more about the sweet treats.

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“We’ve made drinking hot chocolate more fun than it already is.

I bought the unicorn today – they are amazing.

“Watch your chocolate dinosaur or unicorn melt into liquid chocolate goodness, with extra sweet treats inside!”

House bargains unicorn hot chocolate
You can buy them in bulk online (Credit: Home Bargains)

What did the British say about the introduction of the new hot chocolate?

Unsurprisingly, chocoholics went insane for the new start.

“I bought the unicorn today,” said one happy buyer. “I had the snowmen for Christmas – they’re amazing.”

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Another added: “A little trip to Home Bargains is needed!”

“Awww you are so cute,” commented a third.

“Oh, they are so cute, I have to look out for them,” said another.

“Substantial buy, I say,” said another.

“Oh my God! Please take 20 for me next time you’re in the store, “said a hot chocolate fan, tagging her buddy.

How do you work?

All you have to do is put your unicorn or dinosaur in a mug of hot milk and watch it melt.

Stir it as it melts – there are chocolate chips and marshmallows inside the creatures.

After a few minutes you can enjoy your delicious chocolate – indispensable in cold winter weather!

House bargains unicorn hot chocolate
It’s almost too cute to melt (Credit: Home Bargains)

Where can I get them and how much do they cost?

The hot chocolate dinosaur and unicorn are available online and in store.

If you want to pick up the essentials, add one to your shopping cart for € 1.49.

If you’d prefer to shop online, there is only a bulk purchase option available.

The British are certainly not complaining, however.

A box of 10 costs £ 14.90 plus shipping.

You get five unicorns and five dinosaurs as part of the multipack.

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