How are Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby friends? TV duo go on vacation together!

Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby will soon be reunited on screen for Take Off With Bradley And Holly.

In the new BBC series, which emerged from a festive 2019 special, studio audience members fight for an unforgettable getaway.

The presenters have great chemistry from their many appearances together like This Morning and Play to the Whistle. But Bradley and Holly are friends.

Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby during Take Off’s 2019 Christmas Special (Image: BBC YouTube)

The screen story of Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby

Take two extremely personable and popular TV stars. Add a little banter and you have the perfect recipe for television success.

So Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby seem to have ended up as friends and co-workers.

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The Chase host Bradders has made several appearances on Holly’s This Morning over the past several years.

Whether it was promoting his music, breaking dad, or discussing pandemics via Zoom, Bradley has always been a valued guest.

Holly versus Bradley!

But apart from Holly’s big day appearance, the two have also appeared as regular guests on other projects.

For example, Bradley was team captain on the ITV panel series Play to the Whistle. Holly hosted the sports game show – and bumped into Bradley on more than one occasion!

Her light-hearted humor has led her to discipline him once by taking him to “the naughty level”. And another funny spit between them saw her toss her cue cards at that head from several paces away … and it landed perfectly!

How are Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby friends?  Where they went on vacation together, with family and famous friends
Bradley Gets On The Naughty Step (Credit: Play To The Whistle YouTube)

Bradley and Holly as buddies

Undoubtedly, their slight affinity made Bradley and Holly a very attractive casting option for BBC producers.

But even away from the cameras, they have a lot of friendly affection for one another.

Bradley is not a natural social media user, despite using Instagram. And on many occasions, especially the first time the account was set up, he has lightly upset his buddy. In one post, he even jokingly mocked Holly’s Insta outfit pictures.

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Bradley and Holly – whom he often called “H” that morning – also vacationed together with their families and other celebrity friends.

Perhaps the most memorable case of this was in 2017 when she took off with Phillip Schofield and Dragons Den star Peter Jones.

How are Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby friends?  Where they went on vacation together, with family and famous friends
Joint filming for This Morning in 2016 (Credit:

‘Boozy’ fun abroad

According to news reports at the time, the group enjoyed at least one big night together this summer.

Phil recorded scenes on his Snapchat account that showed their group shots after a meal.

Someone joked that it was a “whole bottle,” to which Bradley joked, “This is just for me. That’s great, that’s sensational. “

However, when Holly handed her colleague a tray of drinks across the table, some glasses tipped over.

Phillip exclaimed, “Holly, damn Willoughby, spilled this … goddamn it!”

Could your 2017 travel destination – probably Portugal – be featured on Take Off?

– Take Off With Bradley And Holly will air Saturday, July 24th at 6pm on BBC One.

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