How did Hollyoak’s star lose two stones?

Lucy-Jo Hudson has stunned fans with her weight loss since she first appeared on screens as Katy Harris on Coronation Street.

The 38-year-old actress, currently starring in Hollyoaks, made her soap debut in 2002.

But how did Lucy-Jo achieve her weight loss over the years?

Lucy-Jo Hudson has changed her character over the years (Photo credit:

While at Corrie, the actress found herself at the center of one of the most talked about storylines in the series.

Her character entered into a relationship with Martin Platt, 20 years her senior.

Katy then killed her father after convincing her to abort Martin’s child.

Lucy-Jo Hudson’s Weight Loss Journey

But it was Lucy-Jo’s impressive weight loss that really caught the attention of fans.

The actress has always been fit and healthy, having previously trained as a professional dancer.

However, she decided to shed the pounds ahead of her wedding to Corrie co-star Alan Halsall.

The actress has lost two stones since her appearance on Coronation Street (Photo credit: ITV / YouTube)

The couple began their romance in 2002 before tying the knot in 2009.

In the run-up to her wedding day, Lucy has made it her business to lose weight.

Then she said that Daily mail: “I lost weight because every bride wants to be her best, so I started taking more care of my health. I also started exercising and kind of kept it up.

I lost weight because every bride wants to do her best

“Cardio never seemed to work for me, but now I do a lot more resistance training, with weights, squats, and lunges. I think the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. “

As a result, Lucy-Jo switched from size 14 to size 8 – and lost an incredible two stones!

And it wasn’t without some changes to her diet.

Lucy-Jo Hudson lost weight ahead of her wedding day with Alan Halsall (Photo credit:

What did Lucy-Jo eat to lose weight?

Lucy-Jo changed her eating habits by mainly eating “fabric and ready-made meals”.

She also admitted to snacking on the job.

Instead, the actress now opts for smaller, lighter meals.

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She explained: “Now I eat little and often instead of large meals. I’ll have six small meals a day just to keep my metabolism going. “

However, Lucy-Jo does not do without sweet treats and chocolate.

The star continued, “I’m not depriving myself – I love chocolate, so I have a little bit of it every day. It also helps not to be a big drinker because if I were to drink a lot I would be bigger. “

How did Lucy-Jo maintain her weight loss?

While Lucy-Jo did wonders to change her figure, she also managed to keep the weight off.

The star looked just as incredible after giving birth to their daughter Sienna-Rae in 2013.

After her split from Alan in 2018, she also reportedly hired a personal trainer to help out with a series of intense workouts.

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A source said at the time The mirror: “She was afraid that her diet and fitness would deteriorate after the breakdown of her marriage and decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer to keep her mind and body healthy.”

Lucy-Jo has since welcomed a son with partner Lewis Devine.

The actress was born in February 2020 and often shows off her body on Instagram after giving birth.

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