How did Series 1 end and what did it mean?

Keeley Hawes’ comedy Finding Alice was a huge hit with ITV1 viewers and spawned a second series – so this is where Finding Alice ends!

The series first aired in January 2021 and comes to a cryptic but hopeful conclusion in February.

But what happened and what does it all mean?

Here is the ending of Finding Alice.

Keeley Hawes’ Alice threw a party in episode six of Finding Alice (Image: ITV1)

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Finding the End of Alice explained

The ending of the first series of Finding Alice wasn’t really an ending …

Viewers saw Alice develop a newfound confidence as she was determined to develop Harry’s Land.

But the real turn of the story revolved around her attempts to try Harry’s baby.

Oh and the implication that Harry’s frozen sperm sample was also used to father two children for his devious business partner Tanvi (Ayesha Dharker) …

In response to George’s comment that Harry already has enough children, Alice asks if Tanvi’s children are Harry’s.

Tanvi and her wife both deny the claim.

But later we see the two women talking about whether or not they will tell her the truth …

The season one finale also revealed that Alice’s husband Harry and his secret son George had a big argument before he died.

We also learned that George had sinister motives for making contact.

It’s obvious why he would want the inheritance from his father …

But why did he hack into the smart house’s security systems to spy on Alice and her daughter?

Meanwhile, Gerry and Minnie Nicola said they loved her …

And another sweet moment saw Charlotte finally being able to let out her grief as the episode ended.

But the real ending was watching Alice make the decision to use Harry’s sperm to have his baby.

As if the household wasn’t chaotic enough already!

What could happen in series two?

Understandably, ITV Finding quickly commissioned Alice for a second series.

Polly Hill, Head of Drama at ITV, confirmed a second series of the six-part, darkly funny, contemporary drama.

This is due to it being a huge hit in the ratings – an average of 7 million viewers across all devices.

The show joined The Pembrokeshire Murders, Unforgotten and The Bay in the biggest drama launches of 2021 (so far).

In the second season, the popular cast returns, including Nigel Havers, Joanna Lumley and Sharon Rooney.

Executive Producer Nicola Shindler said, “I’m delighted to be able to retell Alice’s very original story with Roger and Simon and Keeley Hawes to explore Alice’s increasingly complicated life.”

Executive Producer Keeley Hawes added, “I am delighted to have the brilliant team at Finding Alice on a second series.

“We are honored to hear from so many viewers who shared Alice’s grief experiences and look forward to sharing the next leg of her journey.”

A year later, the second series will examine the consequences of Alice’s decision to have her dead husband’s baby.

It will examine the impact of this decision on their friends and family.

Finding the End of Alice explained
Parent Goals! Nigel Havers and Joanna Lumley play as Alice’s parents (Image: ITV1)

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How can i see it

The series is currently still available to viewers to catch up on via the ITV hub.

It focuses on Alice’s honest, raw, black-and-comed journey of grief, love, and the afterlife of her husband Harry.

After his sudden accidental death, Alice finds herself in the midst of a storm of secrets, debt and suspicion that she must face in order to survive.

When will the second series of Finding Alice run?

Filming for the new series Finding Alice will begin in February 2022.

So we can expect the second series of Finding Alice to air later this year.

The second run will again have six episodes of 30 minutes each.

Finding Alice will return to ITV1 in 2022.

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